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 No Party Too Far 

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No Party Too Far -- Part 16

No Party Too Far -- Part 16

Sky cleared up, day turned to bright; 
Closing both eyes, now my head filled with light. 
Hard to remember the state I was in; 
Instant amnesia, Yang to the Yin...

"Are you rearry?  I'm rearry!  Ret's go!!"  I was in the bathroom shaving, but I had to smile when I heard that.  Sip is great!

We all met for a quick breakfast before going back to the room to pack.  On the way back to the room, I stopped at the King's Club Lounge to get an envelope for Sip.

As I was trying to fit everything in my small bag, Sip noticed a few unused flavored condoms on the nightstand and asked, "Can I hab?  Good for my business!"  I'm going to miss her.

While we were packing I filled Sip's envelope with a token of my appreciation.  She didn't count it when I gave it to her, but she gave me a beautiful smile.  I also handed her some additional money for her trip to visit her father, and enough to buy her father a present.  That earned me a sniff.  

Sip has been a fantastic companion in so many different ways, but I've got to admit that I'm looking forward to rolling into the Big Mango by myself.  I've got absolutely no complaints about Sip, but I'm starting to miss other things...

Checking out of the Hard Rock Hotel was painless, and our limo was waiting to take us back to Bangkok.  Isn't it great when a plan falls together?  Before leaving Pattaya, we got the driver to stop at a shop so we could grab some water and snacks for the trip.  It was good to see that no one purchased any dried fish this time.  Now that Sip had a purse full of baht, she wanted to pay for everyone.

When we booked the limo it hadn't occurred to us that we could have booked it to take us from the Hard Rock Hotel back to the Nana, so we booked a round trip from Don Muang instead.  Then again maybe that was just as well because I didn't have to worry about Sip wanting to stay with me at the Nana.  It's hard to say whether she wanted to stay with me (for a few extra baht) or skedaddle home to see her father.  But I never gave her the option as it was time for me to strike out on my own for a few days.

When I look in your eyes
I see the wisdom of the world in your eyes
I see the sadness of a thousand goodbyes
when I look into your eyes

And it is no surprise
To see the softness of the moon in your eyes
The gentle sparkle of the stars in the skies
when I look into your eyes

Those eyes, so wise, so warm, so real
How I love the world your eyes reveal

Saying goodbye to Sip was short, but sweet.  After a quick hug, Sip said she had to meet a lady in one of the terminals and ran off.  Although a little surprised, I appreciated that; there's nothing worse than crying BGs.

We grabbed the nearest taxi and headed off to the Nana.  I needed to pick up a large idol and a Spirit House at my favorite shop, and MikeM33607 wanted to get those wood carvings so after checking in and dropping our stuff at the Nana -- we were off!

The Skytrian took us to Siam Station where we got off and went to my favorite souvenir store -- Siam 99 Gems and Silk.  I found the store a few years ago, and have stopped by every year since.  If one has performed a little comparative shopping and has a good handle on the price they want to pay, give the store a shot.  They've always done right by me.

The brass idol was heavy and the Spirit House was fragile; not a good combination.  The storekeeper did a super job of boxing the Spirit House.  I had a good feeling it wouldn't be damaged when I took it home.  The storekeeper also did a great job wrapping the idol; he used quite a bit of paper to cover the sharp pieces so there was little chance someone would accidentally be stabbed.  He also crafted a handle out of string which made the wrapped idol a lot easier to carry.

From there we got back on the Skytrain and rode it to Sala Daeng.  MikeM33607 wanted to have another look at the store in Japantown.  The store specialized in higher quality carvings and statues.  It seems the store also specialized in high prices.  We found some really nice items in there, but boy howdie some things were expensive.  The store offered some discount plans (like 10% off on purchases of 4,000 baht or more) but were unwilling to haggle on prices.  While MikeM33607 was finishing his purchase, Antman and I poked our nose in a couple of other stores.  We found one that sold erotic Thai art.  Interesting, but also very expensive.

With our shopping finished, we started back.  There was no way I was going to be able to fit all the stuff I bought on this trip in my carry-on bag, so we did a little shopping for suitcases on Sukhumvit.  The idol was tall so I had to get a good sized suitcase.  No problem.  Since I'm not worried about checking bags on the return trip, I'll just shove as much as I can into the suitcase.  MikeM33607 noticed an imperfection in the suitcase which lowered the price another 100 baht.  Thanks, MikeM33607!

We dropped all our stuff off at the hotel and started out again ending up at Sukhumvit Square.  I spied a girl there last visit that I wanted to know better so we walked around the complex looking for her bar, but couldn't find it.  No problem, this bar will do.  Antman was too shy to buy the attractive girl he wanted a drink, so he bought drinks for the entire bar!  

A little while later the shoe shine boy came around, and I had mine shined up again.  They weren't really shoes, they were lace up boots.  He must not get a lot of customers wearing boots because he had the hardest time removing them from my feet.  He would untie them and loosen the laces a little, but then he would just pull!  He almost pulled me off the bar stool!  And he got cranky when I tried to show him how to get the boots off.  Why would I tell him how to do his business; he doesn't try to tell me how to do my business!  It was nice sitting in the bar drinking beer with no shoes on.  My toes appreciated being out of those hot shoes and enjoyed the cool breeze.  A couple of the girls offered their shoes to me to wear, but they didn't fit.  Except one pair of platforms that I could just fit my toes in.  I was actually able to stand up and was surprised the difference a 6 inch platform makes.

As we were discussing whether we should check bin and see what else the night had in store for us, one of the girls started making BJ faces and said she wanted to suck me.  I put a very serious look on my face and said, "You no can do.  I big too much.  I big same-same chang.  Your mouth too little." as I pointed to my privates.  She had a quizzical look on her face for a moment, and then punched me in the arm.  "Ow, Thai girl boxing too mut!"  A couple of the other girls ran over to rub my arm and make it all better.

Tonight was MikeM33607's last night in Thailand.  As a condemned man gets his choice of a last meal, MikeM33607 would choose tonight's venue  - and he chose the Painters.  Good choice!  We hadn't been there yet this trip.

First stop was Santana.  I think MikeM33607 had the magic rings so he was mystifying the girls.  I didn't see much in the way of talent and spent my time chatting up the female bartender.  One attractive girl came over and fell in lub with Antman.  He must have thought she was too attractive for him, and could barely bring himself to talk with her let alone buy her a ladydrink.  Two weeks of having any girl he wanted with only a snap of his fingers, and he still can't believe it.

MikeM33607 and I had a great time at Napoleon's last year, and we were itching to go back.  Stepping through the bar we were welcomed by a dozen girls.  What a great place.  We went to the bar and bought some drinks for us and our admirers.  MikeM33605 noticed the foosball table was still there and challenged Antman to a game.  I hadn't eaten yet that evening (which is not like me at all), so I asked for a menu.  Napoleon's uses a nearby restaurant's menu which means there's a pretty good selection of food to choose from.  A girl joined me at the bar while I waited for my food, and together we watched the match between MikeM33607's team and Antman's team.  That's right, I said team.  Antman and MikeM33607 were both joined by a couple girls, and the game was on!  It was fun to sit at watch everyone involved in the game.  So much cheering going on.  Another bar raised from the dead.  These girls just want to have fun!

While I was eating, Antman and MikeM33607 disappeared into one of the side rooms to play pool.  The food was good, and I was having fun getting to know my new friend better.  But after a while it was time to move on.

The Skytrain took us back to Nana.  We hit a few bars at NEP, and MikeM33607 found a cutie he wanted to know better.  Because MikeM33607, Antman, and I were all crammed into one of Angelwitch's little booth thingies, I figured there was no way he could fit the girl in.  I told MikeM33607 that Antman and I would move on to a couple bars to give him a little privacy, and that he could catch up to us when he barfined her or decided she wasn't "the one."

Antman and I hit a couple bars, but they were all pretty dead.  Although we did receive a little special attention at the Hog's Breath Saloon.

The last bar on our list for the night was Carnival.

Just like a few nights ago, it was dead when we walked in but we soon got the party started.  Antman had two girls showering attention on him -- lucky stiff.  (No pun intended...)  Some how I was lucky enough to have the the house katoey stake me out as her territory, which did a pretty good job of keeping the other girls away.

I was royally screwed at that bar that night.  None of the girls would come around when the katoey was there, or when she left.  I hate it when that happens.

My back was starting to bother me sitting on the barstool, so when the katoey got up to dance, I snuck off to a booth and tried to signal some of the other girls to come over.  The katoey did a good job planting her flag and the girls wouldn't come anywhere near me -- even with my Tom Cruise good looks.

Antman joined me in the nosebleed seats with his girls, but I still couldn't get any real girls to join me.  It wasn't hard for the katoey to find me when she was finished dancing; Antman and I were just about the only ones in the bar.  As time went on, the katoey wanted to get more friendly but she had to get up to dance.  Saved by the bell!

Antman was having fun with his two girls, so I told him to wait while I went out looking for MikeM33607.  I started where we parted and darted from bar to bar to see if I could find MikeM33607.  One of the girls at Hog's Breath noticed me walking around, and joined me for the search.  It was fun dragging her from bar to bar, and we even lingered at Hollywood Strip to watch the show.  But she wanted to get back to her own bar, so I took her back.

~               ~               ~

Meanwhile, back at Carnival:  The katoey came down from the stage to find I had snuck out of the bar.  Initially she yelled and screamed at Antman but then decided since he was the last man breathing in the bar, she had better make friends.  The katoey had chased off one of the girls so it was just Antman, the girl, and the katoey is the cozy little booth.  Every time the katoey would wander off, he would ask around if she was indeed a katoey but all the girls he asked said she was a "real girl."  All I can say is that I saw her up close, and there's no way on God's green earth she started out as a real she.

Antman wanted to barfine the girl, but was concerned about hurting the katoey's feelings.  That's when he decided to barfine them both.  Antman barfined his first katoey!  Or at least that's what he's admitted to.

As soon as he got his two prizes back to the room, the katoey wanted to be paid.  Antman thought they were a lot less interested in him after they got paid.  Well, duh...

~               ~               ~

It was fun being back at Hog's Breath.  We sat for a long time sipping drinks with her firmly planted on my knee.  When the bar closed, I decided to throw caution to the wind and asked her if I could pay bar.  She said no, but she asked for my room number and told me she might come to my room later that night.  First time that ever happened to me.

I left thinking I'd gotten out of paying a barfine, but then I started wondering if she would really show up.

Girls were pouring out of NEP!  If the gentlereader hasn't seen the mass exodus of BGs from NEP after closing, it's one of those things that must be seen to be believed.  Girls of every type and description were flooding out from the narrow opening of NEP.  Of course there were a lot of katoeys around, but they didn't seem to be walking as fast.

I went with the flow and was carried down to Sukhumvit.  It seemed to me that most girls were crossing Soi See.  Maybe they were heading to Soi Zero.  Having never been there before, I wondered if they were staying open later.  Stepping into the street to cross Soi See,  I noticed an attractive girl waiting to cross Sukhumvit.  Nice package indeed.  But my group crossed the street and marched down Sukhumvit.  In front of McDonald's, a Thai man passed me running for his life with five or six other Thai men chasing him, followed by a Thai man wearing a uniform walking slowly and bringing up the rear.  I wonder what that was all about...

It turns out my group walked to the bus stop in front of  McDonald's.  Why they passed one bus stop to settle on this one, I have know idea.  TIT.  No problem, there's always the Grace!  I turned around and headed back to Soi See to cross Sukhumvit.  On the other side of Sukhumvit I saw that girl again, but this time she said hi.  "Well, hi right back at ya!"  I was tempted to drag her to Grace, but I didn't want a repeat of what happened with Nueng.  I learned my lesson -- why take a freelancer to grace?

Grace was empty.  I mean really empty.  I though it was staying open late, but there were no punters or puntees inside.  Damn, damn, damn.  The police had been making regular visits, and I guess everyone got the hint.  Too bad, the Grace was fun.

Walking back to Sukhumvit, I saw the same girl girl again.  You know what they say:  The third time's the charm.

Ain't this the life?



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