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Rawhide Bar, Soi Cowboy, Bangkok
Long Gun Bar,
Soi Cowboy, Bangkok
Soi Cowboy, Bangkok



Nanaplaza is a paysite, but they do have a free forum.  On Nanaplaza.Com you will find everything you need/want to know to enjoy nana plaza and the rest of the Thai nightlife to the fullest.  This information includes descriptions of all the different forms of nightlife and daytime entertainment, ranging from themeparks to discos to nana plaza Go-Go bars, as well as general information, reviews, articles and columns.
Billed as "Your FREE guide to nightlife in Thailand," they too have a forum.  Unfortunately, the Nanapong Web site hasn't been updated in a while and now seems to be offline.  Let's hope they make a comeback...
Thai Farang Board
The Thai-Falang Board (TFB) is a forum about Thai-falang (foreigner) relationships.  Not only do they offer advice on language and cultural challenges, there are also a few people around that have some experience obtaining visas for your tilac. 
 UKBKK - Yim Siam  Land of Smiles
Their site is devoted to positive, friendly information on Thailand for people who have an interest in Thailand. So if you are thinking of making a trip to paradise and need some information, give them a click.


Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya
A fun place to stay in Pattaya, with a pool that just can't be beat.
Nana Hotel, Bangkok
The hotel for newbies in Bangkok!
Thara Patong Hotel, Patong Beach, Phuket
Not a bad hotel with a good travel desk and a very good location just off Beach Road.


The inside guide to Pattaya.  The Site has one of the best maps of Pattaya I've seen
Pattaya Images Page
An interesting idea...
A collection of Thailand links.



Bangkok Post
Bangkok's English language newspaper.
Stickman's Weekly
Stickman Weekly is a weekly column, published online every Sunday, Bangkok time, featuring news, views and his thoughts on life in Bangkok, and issues of note to both Thailand based expats and frequent visitors.



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