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 No Party Too Far 

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No Party Too Far -- Part 6

No Party Too Far -- Part 6

Okay, I'm an idiot.  What can I say.  In less than 24 hours (really more like just 12) I seem to have grabbed two girls from the front steps of my hotel.

What the hell was I thinking?  That's the problem; the wrong brain was doing the driving.

I've seen Nueng a few times since since she left, but I don't know if she saw me.  Then again, who knows what the BG grapevine is saying.  And there's just no way that I know of to get in or out of the Nana without Song seeing me.

Song is a great girl, there's absolutely nothing wrong with her.  I just seem to be butterflying.  It wasn't what I expected to do on this trip, I just am.  If I wasn't having so much fun with all these different girls, Song would make a good companion.

Now I'm spending more time with Som, who also makes a good companion.  I just hope I don't have any confrontations.

~               ~               ~

Quack met us for breakfast.  As Burnout and Antman will attest, Quack was pretty easy to have around.

Antman, Burnout, Quack and I  took the Skytrain/riverbus route to the Grand Palace.  The river was even higher than it was before.  I'm convinced if the river rises at all, the city will be flooded.

This was the second visit to the Grand Palace for Antman and I this trip, but we were quite happy to go back and show Burnout and Quack around.  

Kinda reminds me of MC Hammer...

Can you guess which pair of shoes belongs to the BG?

We spent a few hours admiring the grounds until the temperature started to rise and coincidently we were starting to feel a little peckish.  We took the long way out stopping to take pictures and generally enjoying ourselves.  We finally made it out okay (after getting just a little lost in the grounds), and started off toward the river.

Without warning, Burnout grabbed his @ss with both hands and said he had to find a restroom as quickly as possible.  He asked to wait for him where we were as he danced off doing the Bangkok Two-Step.  Antman speculated it must have been caused by all the soi food he was eating, but I was sure it had something to do with loss of sphincter control after having is hindquarters assaulted by his katoeys.

While Burnout was attending to his problems, I found a shortcut to the riverbus.  This is great; the more I explore, the more cool things I find.  It wasn't long until Burnout joined us again, and on our way to the riverbus we discussed where we wanted to go.  I knew a killer sushi place in Japantown, and suggested we could get off at the Sala Daeng station and eat our weight in sushi.  The idea of the caused Burnout to turn a little more green, and he begged off saying he needed to rest.

The river was a little rough again

We said goodbye to Burnout on the Skytrain as we stepped off at the Sala Daeng station.  From there it was just a short walk to Japantown for a lunch at my favorite sushi bar.  Unfortunately, we arrived 20 minutes after it closed.  In fact, we couldn't find one sushi restaurant that was open after 2 PM;  it looks like they all close between lunch and dinner.  We walked down a few different little streets looking for someplace to eat until Antman and Quack talked me into trying some soi food.  I've eating street food in many different countries so it's no big deal, but I figure my odds of ingesting something that doesn't agree with me is just a little higher in the street.  Antman and Quack chose a food stall to try some mee, and the head man of the stall called over a katoey server to show us to a seat.  The food was delicious, and the "staff" took great care of their farang guests.  Quack was happy to pick up the tab (so far we hadn't let her spend any of her money), and we started to leave.  I noticed the katoey server on the way out so I tipped her a couple baht, which she was very happy to receive.

The only problem was that about 20 minutes after leaving the stall, I started to feel dizzy.  It could have been the food, or it could have been a coincidence and that living on adrenaline and without much sleep caught up with me at that very moment.  Because I didn't feel well, it was back to the Nana Hotel for a full hour's sleep before meeting some of the guys at The Living Room for me.  Antman stopped at GBB to spend a little time with his girl.  I reminded him that tonight was Doll House's last night and there was supposed to be a closing party.  Antman said he would meet us at TLR at 7; our usual meeting time.

60 or so minutes sleep went a long way to get me back on my feet.  We really have been burning the candle at both ends, but it's been a hell of a lot of fun.

We all met at TLR at the appointed time.  Roll call included, Burnout, Davieboy, Noozy, NYSaint, Somchai5, Whittler, and GB64.  Even Antman showed up.  He swore it was true love, but I think brought his girl from GBB for katoey protection.  We hung out for a while trading rounds and shotz, until the group wanted to go to the Doll House.

I'm one of those guys that was boycotting the Doll House, but it was their last night and the first stop on the crawl...  So I ended up going in.  We sat for a while on the ground floor, and ended up going upstairs.  The bar was pretty dead, and things were no better upstairs.  My recollection is we were the only ones in the bar until we left around 9 PM.

It took two taxis make the trip to Soi Cowboy, and I shared a taxi with GB64.  It took a while for us to catch up to the group because we couldn't find a taxi that wanted to take us to Soi Cowboy.  I just can't understand that.

But we did make it there, and I got to spend some quality time talking with Somchai5.  We were hanging out in Suzie Wong's, and because I have the attention span of a goldfish, met a new girl forgetting all about the one from last night.  And everything was great, until the one from last night spotted me.  Both of the girls exhibited daggers in their eyes, but the new girl backed down.  Maybe I was having so much fun partying with multiple girls at the same time, I forgot there could sometimes be problems...  It's a shame for them, really.  I spent a lot less with each girl, than I would have spent if we all partied together.

The group wanted to go to the Soi Cowboy Doll House, but I declined.  I had done enough damage to my boycott for one day.  I said goodbye and mentioned I would be at Tilac if they wanted to stop by after the Doll House.

Som was waiting outside as I walked up to Tilac.  The moment she spotted me, she ran down the soi to greet me.  I think she was surprised that I was actually coming into the bar instead of telling her I was on a crawl.  But she was free tonight, and Tilac was in full swing.  I enjoyed the special seat I was shown to last night, so I took it again.  Antman's date from a few days ago came around asking about him and I said he was still sick.  Hey, that reminds me -- where did he go?

Grabbing girls with both hands, I got busy going gonzo.  The girls were making sure I was enjoying myself, and I was buying enough ladydrinks to put out a small forest fire.  This was another night that it was quite a party in Tilac.

There was an old woman that was smartly dressed sitting in one of the nosebleed seats.  I asked if she was the mamasan, but Som said she used to work here a long time ago and now just comes in to sit.  Every once in a while the older woman would come over just a few feet away and stand feet about shoulder length apart with her hands on her hips, and give me that look like she knew what I wanted and she could give it to me better than any of these youngsters...  From the looks of her, I bet she could...

All too soon the DJ played that Isaan song that signals the bar is closing, and all the girls in the bar started doing those traditional dance movements.  It was great to be there to see that.

It was also interesting to watch them close bar.  It looked like the girls put their tips in a kitty, and they split them at the end of the night.  I guess that's nice for the girls that don't get tipped, but when I tip a girl I feel she deserves it.  I'd hate to think she was sharing her tips with someone that didn't deserve it.  I hope the girls that make the tips get some kind of recognition, besides the merit they make for doing a good job...

When Som grabbed me to leave, we hit the road.  It was too late for the Skytrain, so I wanted to take a taxi.  Som was becoming concerned about how much money I was spending, and didn't want me to spend money on a taxi when we could just walk from Soi Cowboy to Nana.  Where was that concern when I ran up a 3,000+ baht tab?  Oh what the hell; a walk will do me good.

A 2 AM walk down Sukhumvit is something that must be seen to believe.  People were out moving boxes, and food, and flowers and all kinds of things to get ready for tomorrow's business.  Food stalls were filled with girls nursing bowls of noodles while using their hungry eyes to attract male passers-by.

There were girls here, there and everywhere.  Girls of every type and description.  And there were katoeys; scary katoeys.  Katoeys that looked like evil clowns.  Even though Som was holding my hand, I had one or two make a pass at me that had to be katoey Frankensteins.  Except for the cool draft from that "pants around the ankles" part, I understand how Antman must have felt.

But we kept walking.  I stopped at a corn-on-the-cob stall and bought a couple ears for a late night snack.  What the hell was I thinking?  Riding the elevator up to my room, I wondered how strange it was to be going back to the room with a girl in one hand, and fresh corn in the other.  I bet that only happens in Nebraska and Bangkok.

We showered and hit the sack.  Som was especially spunky that night.  No problem, I can always use a little exercise.  I flipped her over once or twice, and then she wanted to have her way with me.

At some point in the heat of the moment, Som found blood in the sheets.  It wasn't just a little blood, it was blood in the sheets to rival the scene in Godfather where the producer wakes to find the head of his prize race horse sharing his bed.  What a mess.

I was also covered in blood from the waist down; and needless to say, quite concerned.  I went to the bathroom and saw my reflection in the mirror; it looked like I was wearing red flannel pajama bottoms.  If I weren't so concerned, it would have struck me as funny.  I peeled of the condom, readied the shower.  Catching myself in the mirror again I almost did laugh at the ridiculous sight of all that red and the one little white part.  Well, it's not that little, but you get the idea.

I took a careful shower examining myself for any cuts or scratches that could have become contaminated.  Not finding any made me feel a little better at the time.  I think...

Som, on the other hand, got right to work cleaning the bed .  When that was completed, she started on the rest of the room.  I had to drag her back to bed to get her to stop. She was most apologetic and on the verge of tears.  I told her to go take a shower and come back to bed.

When she did come back, she was crying pretty hard.  I did my best to console her, and it wasn't too long until we fell asleep in each other's arms.



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