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 No Party Too Far 

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No Party Too Far -- Epilogue

No Party Too Far -- Epilogue

And in the end 
the lunch you ate, 
is equal to 
the lunch you make...

After spending countless hours on The Great Jade Elephant Hunt, Antman returned home to find Ant Mom didn't want a jade elephant at all, but a carved wood one.

It’s only been about six weeks since we left the kingdom, and a lot has happened.

Antman and I rolled the Party from Bangkok to Hannover, Germany for business reasons.  Before we even arrived in Hannover, there were a couple emails waiting for me from Quack and one of the TLR girls.  We’ve continued to email, and things are going along swimmingly; no one has told me their buffalo is sick -- not yet anyway.

Sip and I have emailed too, but not with the same regularity as the other girls.  It’s high season in Phuket, and her business is prolly going strong.  She's a hard worker.  My guess is Sip can’t get away enough to be playing on the puter.  But I do hope to keep in touch with her.  Sip is quite a girl.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

While we were in Pattaya, I kept my eyes open with the hope I might find Song from last year’s trip.  The bar she worked at was shut down and re-opened with a new name, but Song was gone.  She also quit responding to emails when her bar was closed.  It’s prolly just as well; a couple more days with her and I might have bought her that salon she wanted…

In Hannover, I found a found a lovely Thai girl working on Reitwall that wanted me to move in with her.  Since I was going there every night for a massage anyway, she reasoned that we could have more fun if I checked out of the hotel, and paid her the money I was paying the hotel and for the massage, of course.  Then I could have her all day and all night!  There’s no denying she was right.  The offer was indeed tempting but I was traveling with Antman on business, and I was sure someone back in the office would find out about my unique living arraignments.  How the hell could I expense that anyway?  Too bad…  Another interesting opportunity lost.

Antman had a pretty good time at the Thai Houses in Hannover.  He learned to speak a little Thai in Thailand, and figured out how to use it to break the ice with the Thai girls in Hannover.  Of course he wanted to visit the house called Thai where the katoeys hang out…  I can’t figure that guy out…  Does he really think they’re not katoeys…  Up to him...

We brought back a terrible case of Bronchitis from the kingdom, and proceeded to infect our entire office.  Having everyone else out sick while Antman and I worked to get caught up made it worth it!

Last but not least, Antman and I have tickets for our next trip to Thailand.  We were only home for a couple weeks when we made the reservations.  And in addition to that trip, we’re talking about next the next trip after that one!  Why not?  It’s only nine months away!

~               ~               ~

A very special thank you to MikeM33607 for the photos and all the fantastic times on the trip.  I can honestly say it wouldn’t have been the same trip had he not joined us.

And thank you to all the forum  posters out there.  So many of our trips to the kingdom have been better due to the exchange of information on the forums.

~               ~               ~

A half hour later we packed up our things; 
We said we'd send letters, and all of those things. 
They knew we were lying, but they smiled all the same. 
It seems they already, had forgotten our name.

Now we're back at the homestead where the air makes you choke, 
and people don't know you and trust is a joke. 
We don't even have pictures, just memories to hold; 
That grow sweeter each season as we slowly grow old...



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