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 Strange Guy 
 In Paradise 

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Strange Guy In Paradise -- Part 3

Strange Guy In Paradise -- Part 3

MikeM33607 and I met for breakfast where we decided we would begin our day with a trip to Pantip.

If one is a computer geek, no trip to BKK is complete without a stop at Pantip Plaza.  Software prices were what I expected them to be, but I was quite surprised at the memory module prices.  Last year I went to Pantip looking for Compact Flash media as I had underestimated the amount of photos I would take and found the prices to be comparable with US prices.  This year I came loaded for bear, but I have a new camera and have been taking a lot of hi-res pics so I figured I could always use more and decided to pick up an extra 128Mb of Smart Media.  I found that Smart Media prices are *four* times more expensive than they are in the US.  What's up with that?  I also found that Smart Media accessories such as PCMCIA and floppy adaptors were equally expensive.  I was willing to pay US prices and maybe a little more, but not 4x.  That would be wrong.  I tried negotiating a more reasonable price, but the price they were quoting was printed on a price sheet and they wouldnít budge for me.

When our lust for cheap software was satisfied, it was time for a trip to Wat Arun.  Stepping into the street, we hailed a taxi.  We must have picked the perfect time because the traffic wasnít that bad.

It was fun to explore the temples and snap a few pics.

As we were considering how to get back to the other side of the river, I noticed a Klong Tour pier.  Iíve spent a lot of time on the river, but I always wanted to ride through the klongs.  Unfortunately, my idea was to ride through klongs like the one behind Jim Thompsonís house; the tour was a different kind of experience completely.  I understand a nice klong tour including a lunch can be booked through the Nana travel desk.  If so, I would recommend that instead of the pick-up tour.  Although it didnít cost much, it didnít deliver.

MikeM33607 and I were both beat.  We jumped in a taxi and headed back to the Nana.  The plan was to get a little rest, and then meet the NanaPlaza guys at Woodstock.

A few hours of sleep were good for me but MikeM33607 sounded a little groggy, and said he would try to catch up to me later.

It was a chance to sit a spell and chat with Thalenoi again.  Thalenoi is closing in on retirement and considering the big move to Thailand.  It was very interesting and most educational to discuss strategies with him.  We also had a chance to discuss the women of Thailand, and Thalenoi's words were golden.  It was great to spend time with Thalenoi, and if I ever get the chance again Iíll certainly jump at it.

After an hour or two, Thalenoi had to leave to meet friends.  I stayed at Woodstock and decided to eat.  But this time I would pass on the burg; I ordered Thai food instead.  It wasnít the best Thai food you could find in BKK, but it was better than the burg.

I thought it would be a nice opportunity to take some night shots of NEP.  I walked around (being careful not to linger by the katoeys) and took some interesting shots.

Damn!  I forgot I was supposed to BF Neung.  With a quick jump down the stairs, and a jog around the ground floor beer bars I was at Playskool.  The hello girls parted the curtains and I entered.  Eyes not yet used to the dark, I asked a waitress to go find Neung.  Imagine my surprise when I felt a tap on the shoulder and it was Neung who had been sitting on one of the perches by the door waiting for me.  She jumped down throwing her arms around my neck, sniffing all the way until her feet touched the ground.  I reached into my pocket, gave her some baht, and told her to go pay bar.  With a wai, she was off.

We stopped somewhere for a few Breezers and Spys, but I canít remember where.  Neung offered a sip of her Spy, and I was shocked at the taste.  Maybe it was because my taste buds were used to the beer, but Spy was the most sickeningly sweet drink Iíve ever had.  To me, Spy seemed like carbonated cough syrup.

The rest of the night is a blur until about 4AM, when Neung announced she was hungry and that we should go out to eat.  Iíll have to admit I was hungry too, but not enough to get dressed and go out.  I reached over, handed her the room service menu, and told her to order.  She quickly paged through the menu, called room service, and yakked it up like they were old friends.  Maybe they were.  A short time later, 5 or 6 entrees arrived.  Neung had a little taste of everything, and I ate the rest.

Neung and I have only spent a handful of hours together, but there's something about her that is able to cut through my armor; her disarming smile, scented skin, silken black hair, or the way she snakes her hand into mine. It's all too much.



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