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 Strange Guy 
 In Paradise 

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Strange Guy In Paradise -- Part 5

Strange Guy In Paradise Ė Part 5

I woke up alone.  That's a surprise.  I was hoping for Neungís knock on the door in the middle of the night, but it didn't happen.  Oh well, it gives me a chance to get caught up on the world's news and trip reports.

I love the Nana breakfast, and it doesnít disappoint again.  Eggs, bacon, fried rice, noodles, and all the sweet watermelon you can eat.

There are a couple of pictures I want to take so I head out.  I'm thinking I can ride Skytrain to where I want to go, and after the pictures I'll head over to Mo Chit to check out the weekend market -- on a weekend this time.  The weekend market is visible from the Skytrain just before it pulls into the Mo Chit station.  If it looks dead, I'll just go back to the Nana area and look for an Internet cafe.

It's a quiet Sunday morning, and Sukhumvit is wonderfully empty.  The Nana station is in sight as a tout sidles up to me.

"Taxi mister?" 

"No, thank you."

"Tour of Bangkok?"

"No, thank you."

"I give you all day only 500 Baht."

"No, thank you."  Why do I talk to these guys?  I really should just ignore them, but I never do.

"Where you go, mister?  I take you."

"No thanks, I take Skytrain."

"Skytrain closed; too early.Ē  Damn! I  haven't heard one go overhead, and it is indeed early for a Sunday....  Could the Skytrain really be closed, or is this guy just giving me the old Wat Pho?

I keep walking and head up the stairs.  It sure is quiet.  No one is in the entry area and all the shops are closed, but the green lights are lit on the turnstiles so in goes may card and the gate opens.  I climb the stairs to the platform and startle two guards when I get to the top.  We three are the only people up there and no trains are in site.  OK, I'll give it about 10 minutes and punt.  A few moments later I see the headlight coming around the bend towards the Nana station.  Cool!  Saved by the Skytrain again.

Ratbastard taxi tout.  Does he really get business that way?  He must, or why would he do it?  Surely it must be more difficult than trying to make an honest living.  I really can't understand this, or raising the prices with business drops.  Okay, okay; TIT.

The pictures come out OK, and I'm off to Mo Chit.  As the Skytrain passes the weekend market, I notice the place is jumping.  Cool!  More fun for me.

I'm not really looking for anything in particular, but figure walking through the market could be a fun thing.  And indeed it is.

It's a lot like the walking market in Chinatown, only less crowded.  As I walk through the market I wonder if there is anything that can't be bought here.  It's quite a scene; another place that assaults the senses. I  see everything from food and clothing stalls to dogs, snakes, and beetle stalls.

Neung wanted to come here; it would have been a good trip for her.  She could have bought a lot and it wouldn't have cost me much.

I don't notice any computer goods or software.  I was there for a while, but am sure I only scratched the surface.  Still I'm surprised I didn't see any computer stuff.  As I leave the market I notice a stall that is selling DVDs and VCDs.  I figure the DVDs are region coded, but I don't know if the VCDs are.  A couple look interesting so I grab them and decide I'll run a test. If they work, I'll buy more next trip.  If they don't work, I'm out 4 bucks.  Big whoop.

Tonight is the big night of the Nanapong Dance Contest at Hollywood Rocks.  I want to get there early to get a good seat, but I stop at Playskool first to pay bar for Neung.  I wasnít really surprised to find she wasnít there; it was a little early, but I was disappointed nonetheless.

Entering Hollywood Rocks, I found there were a lot of seats available.  Unfortunately there are a couple of big pillars in the middle of the bar, so some views of the stage are better than others.  Not know which stage the contest will take place (or if it will take place on both), I find a table with a decent view of both stages and take a seat.  While sipping a beer I enjoy being entertained by the house dancers and the rich tableau of characters that are arriving to witness tonightís contest.

The contest started late; I canít remember why.  I had to laugh when the Australian announcer read the contestantsí numbers in Thai.  It sounded more like he was speaking Klingon, not Thai!!

Iím afraid thereís not much more that I can say about the Dance Contest that hasnít already been written.  Iím glad I showed up.  I had a great time.  And Iíll be back again, Buddha willing.

But even with the gathering of female distractions on the stage, I keep wondering about Neung.

I decided to stop at Playskool for one last try.  I was disappointed again but not surprised when I was told she was not there.  Oh well, no Pattaya for her.  Although she was nice, Iím not that worried about finding another.

I went back by the Lollipop to have a beer and say hello to the Mamasan.  After a few sips of my beer it hits me; why didnít I barfine the beauty that Indiana Jack introduced me to?  I take one last swig of beer, and dash to the street to grab a tuk-tuk to the Dead French Guy Street (the Painters).  Itís late, would she still be there?

I walk into the bar and there, standing behind the bar is Bad and she is very happy to see me.  Oops!  Not the one I wanted to see.  Not that I BFed her or anything, but I did spend some time sitting at the bar and Bad took a shinning to me.  Or so she said Ė she lub me too mut.  A few girls crowd around to say hello but I figure I donít have a lot of time left and that honesty is the best policy so I politely say hello to everyone while walking over to Bad.  ďBad, is it OK if I talk to your friend, Gow?Ē

ďNo problem,Ē she said as she turned to get Gow.  I had to laugh; was I relieved there wasnít a problem, or disappointed Bad wasnít crushed?  Could the old Tom Cruise charm be losing its touch?  Naw, not possible.

Iím in mid-swig of my beer as I feel fingertips rest lightly on my left forearm.  As I slide my eyes to the left, I see it is Gow.  Thank you again, Indiana Jack!  Without a doubt, Gow must be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen with my own two eyes Ė easily in the top 4.  Even better, this one was be mine for the asking.

As she went away to change, I wondered why some lucky guy that just won the lottery hadnít whisked her away.  But please donít tell anyone as thatís my plan.

I really didnít want to run back to the room immediately, so I asked Gow if she was hungry.  (Actually, I really did indeed want to run back to the room, but also wanted to savor this experience.) ď Up to you,Ē she said.  Of course it is, so off we go to eat.

The barfine was a little more than other places, and Gow wanted a little more than some other girls. B ut I didnít feel like it was excessive.  I donít mind spending money; I just donít want to feel like Iím being ripped off.

Iím proud to say I made it through dinner without knocking my water glass over, or spilling my beer.  I really donít know how, as her charms had me hypnotized the entire time.

Sally Bowles might call the Nana Hotel ďdivinely decadent.Ē  Money isnít a big issue for me; I can stay anywhere, but I stay at the Nana because itís fun.  Fun to have all those girls at your fingertips, fun to see the parade at breakfastÖ  Itís just fun.  But as I entered the lobby, I wondered if the Nana would cause Gow to ďtighten upĒ a little.  Was she expecting better?  As we walked to the elevator, Gow handed her ID to the guard without being asked.  Hmmm, I guess sheís been here before.

Gow was everything I wanted.  Absolutely no complaints from my side.

Thinking back, I was disappointed I hadnít taken Indiana Jackís hint to BF her the first day.  That night I toyed with the idea of asking her to Pattaya, but came to the conclusion that I only knew Gow a few short hours so it wouldnít be a good idea to lock into anything.

Had I the week to do over, I would have barfined her from the start.

I would do sooo good if I could just do it all over again.

Maybe Iíll get the chance again someday.



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