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 Strange Guy 
 In Paradise 

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Strange Guy In Paradise 

-- Part 12

Strange Guy In Paradise - Part 12

Another day starts with me watching Song sleep as the morning sun gently lights her perfect face.  Today is going to be a sad day; Song returns to Pattaya.  Instead of rushing to wake and run out into the city to see what it has in store for us, I let Song sleep.

The previous evening I stopped at the front desk to pick up an envelope to put the money in that I would give to Song.  As I was counting out the money, it occurred to me that I could prolly get away with giving her less.  After all, I did buy her clothes, shoes, food, drinks, and photos, and we hadn't discussed money.  But I quickly dismissed the idea as I had decided what I was willing to pay going in, and Song had given me so much more than I bargained for.  Thalenoi told me earlier in the trip, "These girls give us so much of themselves; much more than they know."  At that moment I was thinking the same thing.

Like every other morning, Song showered first.  Like every other morning, I exited the shower to the sound of Song singing a little Thai tune.  A tune that had now become familiar, and that I looked forward to hearing when I got out of the shower.

But today was different.  After she finished drying her hair in the mirror and stopping to give me a hug and a sniff, she turned and started to put things into her little bag.  As she picked up each item, she examined each one closely as if re-living the moment it came into her possession.  A pair of shoes, a pair of pants, countless ticket stubs, and a package of photographs; each item received respectful consideration before she slipped them into her little bag.  The packing process really hit me when she picked up the framed 8x10 we had set on the coffee table.  Wow, she is really going to leave.  She looked at it for a moment letting her fingertips trace her face and said to me, "You like?"  "Suway, mak mak" I said as my voice cracked a little on the second mak.  Song smiled and flashed her eyes as she slid the framed photograph into her bag.

The packing is finished with about an hour before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  Song asks, "You come Pattaya, you see me?"  "Up to you," I reply.  Song screams, "Yes, yes!" as she jumps into my lap for another sniff and a big hug.

Happy that we will see each other again, we hold each other for what seems like an eternity and an instant.  Song sees by the clock that the bus will be here in 5 minutes and says "bhah."

I pick up her bags and Song her purse, and we head towards the hotel lobby.  What was always a very happy journey is now very solemn.

We find some free chairs by the front windows and sit down.  It doesn't take very long for Song's eyes to grow misty.  She looks up at me and says, "Sow."  I say, "Sow mak mak" and make a little gesture as if I am pushing up the corners of my mouth to make a smile.  Song says "OK," spins around in her seat and tries to bury her shoulder into my chest as she starts to cry.  As I give her a hug, I see the mini-bus turn into the Nana parking lot.  I hold her a little tighter and say, "Come on, we go."

Song collects her purse and turns to go without looking at me.  We slowly walk out to the mini-bus where I hand the bags to the driver.  Song turns to kiss me goodbye and I see that tears are streaming down her face.  The embrace is far too short.  She gets in line behind a couple of Australian yahoos and an overweight German and his Thai date for the next few days.  As I see her begin to step into the carnival, I wish there was something I could do to stop this.

I wonder if I made a little difference in her life.  I'm sure the money won't, but maybe she will remember the ba bah bo bo - ling toepoo - farang that took her to Wat Arun and Wat Pho.

It's Song's turn to climb into the bus.  With one foot on the ground and one foot in the bus, Song stops.  Just like in the movies, she runs back to me to give me one last hug.  She breaks the hug quickly and runs onto the bus.  She sits, waves once, and turns away.  I return the wave and back away from the bus as the driver slides the door shut, but Song doesn't see.

The driver checks his paperwork one last time and satisfied he has collected all of his passengers, gets into the bus.

The bus slowly makes the turn around to Soi See and heads off, but Song doesn't look my way.

As the bus turns left down Soi See, I wonder what I'm going to do now.  I don't feel like going back to the room, and my plan to indulge in a soapy just doesn't feel right.

I decide to do what I always do when I feel sad (or happy, for that matter) -- spend money!  The truth is I seem to have collected a few more things than I expected and the planned space in my suitcase is long gone.  I've helped some friends buy cheap disposable luggage on Sukhumvit, and decide to give it a try.  It's prolly not as cheap as the Weekend Market, but I don't feel like the hassle right now.

As I step towards Soi See I realize I really don't want to see Song's bus turn down Sukhumvit, so I pace just a little to save myself.  Thinking it must be gone by now, I turn down Soi See towards Sukhumvit and am relieved to see the bus is not there.

I get to Sukhumvit just after the light changed in my favor, and decide to sprint into the street behind scores of girls in white shirts, tight-fitting short black skirts, and high heels.  On the other side of the street, I turn right and head in the direction of Clinton Plaza.  There are a lot of stalls selling a lot of crap, but I haven't made it to the luggage section yet.

A flash of color catches my eye in one of the shop windows, and I turn to my left to see what it is.  I see the August styling salon's girls are all lined up in the front window wearing their pink uniforms.  These girls are beautiful.  I look behind the girls to see some men enjoying a shave, face massage, or shampoo.  Life could be worse.

I make it to the luggage section and purchase a bag.  The haggling is fun and I end up spending 50B over my target price, but so what?  Out of the corner of my eye I see a very nice looking carved wooden screen and a golden Buddha.  Damn, I just bought more stuff.  Now I wonder if my two suitcases will be large enough to hold it all.  Mai Phen Rai!!

As I walk back down Sukhumvit towards Soi See, I think I always wanted a manicure.  I recall images of stock barons receiving a manicure as they read the ticker.  The idea picks up steam until I see the girls lined up in the window; OK, now I'm sold.

Exactly what happened as I entered the shop is a little hazy.  What I remember is being surrounded by a dozen beautiful smiling faces.  One asks me what I would like, and I say, "A manicure."  They try to sell me a pedicure (for a man?), haircut, facial massage, shave, and special ear cleaning, but I decline saying I'm only interested in a manicure.

Most of the girls go back to the window as what seems to be the head girl leads me back to a styling station.  Over comes the manicure girl pushing her little cart.  The first thing she does is toss a pillow in my lap. I wonder what *that* is for, but decide it will hide nicely the increasing evidence of my appreciation of their beauty.

Watching the girl work was a delight.  She was so pretty, and showed such concentration on what she was doing -- nothing like the nail girls I see at the mall.  The girl spoke a little English and used me to practice.

Periodically a man would leave that was not sitting in the styling area; that made me wonder if they offered extras.  If they asked, what would I say?  I'm sure I didn't feel like it at the moment, but I could come back...

It occurred to me that I hadn't asked what a manicure would cost.  I needn't have worried as the grand total worked out to be 150B.  I definitely will try it again, and maybe include other options next time.

I paid my bill and gave the girl a tip.  All of the idle girls came to the front to say goodbye as I left. What a country!

The plan now was to drop everything at the room, grab my Palm, and work a little while enjoying a beer or two.  On the way to Big Dogs I stopped at the front desk and left a message for Ricoman1.  I expected to be there for a couple of hours, maybe we could hook up.

I work alone for a while, then their curiosity is too much and I am approached by one of the girls.  She speaks English well and wants to know what I am doing.  She's fun to talk with so gets the E ticket tour of the Palm.  She notices I've stopped working to talk with her and tells me she wants to watch me work.  No problem; that's what I really wanted to do anyway.  She sits without so much as a peep and watches me type away.

I lose track of the time and am brought back to reality by some one standing next to my table; it's Ricoman1!

It was good we finally met up.  Ricoman1 is on a month long stay in Thailand, which began with an 18-day guided tour.  It was interesting to hear his stories of visiting the different cities and of the side trips to Burma and Laos.  Initially a girl he had BFed a few days ago joined us, but we were involved in our conversation and ended up ignoring both girls who soon disappeared.

Another girl (Jet) had joined us a while later, and we all began to suffer from the growlies.  Jet has a daughter 12, and a son 9.  She says her husband died 5 years ago when they lived in Korat.  Another beautiful Korat girl.  What do they feed them up there?  I decided to take the chance Jet would be pleasant company so BFed her.  I tell Jet she is suway mak mak and she calls me pak wan all night long.  Ricoman1 and I made pit-stops at our rooms and met in the Nana lobby before heading over to Cabbages & Condoms for dinner.

Destined for the menu?

Jet was clearly impressed with the restaurant and helped us order.  When the food was brought to the table, she dismissed the waitresses and began to serve Ricoman1 and I making sure I didn't get too much pet.   As usual, the food was superb.  A dessert of sticky rice and mango followed the dinner.

Small billboard by Sukhumvit Soi 12.  I thought
a Thai Laura Croft was quite interesting.

Ricoman1 had not yet discovered Soi Cowboy so I offered to take him on a little tour.  We stopped at Long Gun for an extended stay and had a few drinks.  Even Jet seems to be enjoying the show, and she selects girls that she thinks would make a good companion for Ricoman1.  Jet and I have fun rocking and rolling with the music.  She suggests I get up on stage, but I tell her that will cost her a dollar.

Why not add doors?

Long Gun must have one of the oldest go-go dancers still shakin it in Thailand!  My back is starting to kill me so I suggest we head back.  Jet responds with a big smile.

We bound up the stairs to the Skytrain and before I know it, Ricoman1 and I are shaking hands goodbye in front of NEP.  There was still some time left on the Internet card given to me by MikeM33607, so I passed in down to Ricoman1.  I wonder if that card is still being passed down from traveler to traveler.

Ricoman1 is another fine traveling companion with interesting stories and a quick laugh.  It would be good to meet him on the road again sometime.

Once in the room, Jet plops down on one of the couches.  I ask if she would like some water, but she wants beer.  OK, no problem.  A quick call to Room Service and a large Singha is delivered immediately.  Jet tells me that she must leave at 4AM.  I tell her it's not a problem and wonder if I should mention I have to get up at 3 to start packing so I can head to the airport at 4.  I decide keeping it simple is a better idea, so don't say anything.  She quickly downs three quarters of the large Shingha and tells me to shower first.  And that's what I do.

When it's her turn in the shower, I move her beer to the bedroom, light some cinnamon scented candles, note the time is 10PM, and set my alarm for 3AM.  When Jet joins me (wearing the towel, of course), she's impressed with the "sexy lady" mirrors on the walls of the bedroom, and with the scented candles.  I made a mental note to give them to her when she left.

Before she slides on the bed next to me, she sits on the corner and tells me her "body no good -- she have baby."  I tell her again she is suway mak mak.  With that she calls me pak wan and lets the towel drop before sliding into bed.  Then begins one of the finest sessions I've had in the Kingdom.  It's 2AM before we fall asleep tangled in each other.  Before I drift off I wonder if I can really make the plane, and decide I really don't care.

Unfortunately 3AM does come, and the alarm wakes me.  Hey!!  My d*ck hurts!!!  Jet is asleep with a death-grip on my Johnson.  That's a new one for me!  I jump out of the bed and into the shower.  When I come out, Jet is already dressed and goes into the bathroom to brush her hair.  I grab some Baht and she returns to the living room just in time to see me place the money on top of her purse.  She asks if I will see her again when I come back.   Of course I will!  With that, she gives me a quick sniff and disappears out the door.

I look at everything I have to pack and decide it's better not to think about it.  I better get crackin' packin'.  Everything does fit in the suitcases and I make it to the Nana lobby by 4:06 -- not bad.

Out of the corner of my eye I think I see Jet sneak out the front door.  Was she trying to pick up more business, or maybe see if I was really leaving?  Maybe she was waiting for a 4AM ride.

Usually, I like to settle the bill the evening before I leave.  That way all I have to do is drop off the key in the morning and I'm out of there.  I pay for forgetting by suffering through credit card verification delays.  They say that 4AM is the busiest time for credit card companies because that is when most people check out of hotels.  TIT.

The card is finally approved, and I hand my bags to a Nana driver.  Sitting in the back seat of the car I can relax; if I've forgotten something now it's too late.  The 10 or 15 minutes it takes to ride to the airport gives me a short chance to reflect on the last two weeks; the joy of spending time with Song, the pain of saying goodbye, and the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of a land I've grown to love.



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