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 Don't Ask; 
 Don't Remember  

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Don't Ask; Don't Remember 
-- Part 4


This series of trip reports was written by my good friend, Chewie.  It covers the APPLE Gang Tour and it's interesting to have these reports to see things from a different prospective.

"Dance Contest Night"

It’s late afternoon and Na heads off for the day.  I go to the lounge and find HAMMERS and GOONER nursing some drinks.  GOONER is not looking well at all and they are both strangely empty-handed, as they had not made it to the Beergarden for their afternoon workouts.  They are drinking some girly drinks and I decide to order one myself.  We talk about our haunts for the last couple days and about the mayhem witnessed in the morning.

It is the day of the Dance Contest and we want to get to the DC early for good seats.

Soon we all head up to get freshened up and head down to TLR.  The entire crew is at TLR and soon tequila shots are flowing.  We decide to bring two of the more active hostesses from TLR with us to the Dance Contest and take care of their BFs.

We get to the DC on time and there are a couple seats at the stage still open and I take a one between BOB4YOU and SWEEDEANTMAN has brought some beads to pass out to the ladies and is sitting on the other side of SWEEDE.  The Sheeba dancers are in full effect and I spot a lady that caught my fancy the night before and soon I buy her a lady drink.  I quickly notice that this isn’t who I thought it was and take notice of her number, it was a single digit.  The one I took a liking too the night before was a double digit number. SWEEDE picked out the same girl as he had the night before and she is happy.  SWEEDE barfines his honey before the contest begins and she is by his side the whole event.

I circle around the bar and the place is starting to fill up.  I squeeze behind a guy to make it around the bar to where HAMMERS and UPTWOYOU are sitting.  They have their first bottle of JWB with mixers already.  The atmosphere is starting to get charged and soon it is time to find out seats.

NOOZY makes his rounds and makes BOB4YOU one of the judges.

First up is Hollywood Rocks I think.  At first I am thinking “is this i?t”-- girls thrashing on stage like a regular show at the bar.  One of the ladies is DEAF, and there is no need for learning sign language as she is well versed in the language of sensual dancing.  Things start taking shape half way through the first song when FARANGMAN hands a bottle of beer to each of the ladies.  The beer is poured down their perfect bodies and the stage becomes slippery.  Things were almost put on hold when one of the bottles slips and breaks into a bunch of small pieces.


Later that night someone asked why they don’t pass out cans of beer instead of the bottles.  Someone pointed out that the dancers don’t like thrusting the aluminum cans in the happy zone.  The bottles seem to fit better.

The Sheeba girls quickly get to the task of cleaning up the glass while the dancers keep the entertainment going.  Soon everything is back to normal and full contact lesbian love is heating up the stage.  One of the early front-runners had a rack that would not quit and was one of the best I have ever seen on a Thai girl.

Noozy passes by and says something and I begin to remember that I am not in a titty bar in the States where you cannot touch the dancers.  I am hesitant but realize I might be able to “help” the entertainment.

Their set is over and I prepare for the next group.  The Pink Panther girls are very tame and are no comparison to the Hollywood crew.  The announcer encourages them to take off their bottoms and I reach out to help them along.  Humm, I think, I am not asked to stop and watch myself.  There is no bouncer standing over my shoulder, no boundary has been crossed.  THESE GIRLS ARE COMPETEING FOR 10,000 BAHT…  YAAAAA BABY.


The end of the Pink Panther set ends and draws a yawn from me.  Then the Voodoo girls are on stage and things start to really heat up.  They seem to know how to use their bottles of beer effectively.


HAMMERS is judge and takes his job seriously.  He moves around the bar making sure to see all the moves each dancer makes.  Then he does something he regrets now and he can blame the first bottle of JWB for the digression.  One of the dancers takes HIS beer and empties half of it into her pooper.  Then she pours her arse douche concoction back into the bottle and shoves it down HAMMERS throat and he swallows the beer. HAMMERS later commented the beer tasted like SHIT.

Oh by the way, some of the dancers abused me and made me do bad things.

NEXT UP: Suzi Wong’s crew.  The home team uses the entire complex and starts their set above the stage.  Soon they climb their way down to the ground floor and are given their customary beer bottles.  These ladies know how to take advantage of the arena and soon shake up their bottles of beer and spray it all over the crowd and sufficiently getting themselves soaked at the same time.

These ladies have the best lesbian love.  They are aggressively giving 110% to the show and soon I am encouraged to partake and I do not disappoint.  They conclude the show by trying to climb back on the floor above the main stage.  It is too wet and only one makes it back up top.  It was a class act and unexpected.

ROUND 1 is complete and I make the rounds of the bar.  HAMMERS is on his second bottle of JWB and he is well lubed for the event now.  Round 2 is about to begin and Miss P from TLR shows off the Nanapong calendars with ALL eyes on the crowd.  I thought she would never get off the stage, as she loves the spotlight.

ROUND 2 and the gloves are off.  I am quickly drawn into the action and assist the ladies wherever I can in their quest for the prize.  Several things happen in the next three sets and it is unbelievable.

The highlight of the trip and the most memorable for me at the DC was the Suzie Wong props in the second round.  Cans are tossed out onto the stage and soon white foam is being sprayed all about.  BOB4YOU takes a position behind me and since I had already had a full beer poured over my head it didn’t matter what the foam was.

They toss the cans aside and I begin to wonder what this foam was.  I dab some with my finger that is on my wrist and take a sniff and taste.  IT IS WHIPPED CREAM!.

Oh, I gotta get some more of this.  I reach out for one of the cans and start making myself a Chewie Sundae.  A dab on a breast here, a lick there, everywhere a lick.  Here a lick lick lick, OH MAN WAS I HAVING FUN.  E-I-E-I-Ooooo.  A little whipped cream on a hair pie and this session was complete.


The finals were soon underway and I was there to help the eventual winners along their quest.  It was a wild time and I will be sure to make another dance contest in the future.  If you have never been to one, it is something out of this world.  If only I had not been so shy and intimidated by these beauties, I might have joined in the fun a little more.

While waiting for the finals to begin, I notice the spinner from earlier.  This time I realize the main difference between the two ladies I had been foundling at Sheeba’s the last two days.  I am planning to meet Na later and wasn’t interested in BFing anyone there.

She stands up and I encourage her to come over to BOB4YOU and me.  I point her out to BOB4YOU and encourage her to sit on the stage and soon BOB4YOU BFs her.  After the finals BOB4YOU presented the winner of the contest with her prize and I have time to talk with his BF a little.  It seems this was her second night working at Sheeba’s and I was the first one to talk with her the day before.  It seems I was talking with her and buying lady drinks for another girl thinking it was she.  Then the shocker of my trip.  I could have been her first BF instead I hooked up this short timer with the old timer BOB4YOU.  I can still kick myself in my ass for this and I am even more intrigued by this lovely lady.

Soon the bar empties and everyone seems to scatter rather quickly.  I head out with HAMMERS and it seems ANTMAN has picked up two ladies for the evening and is way drunk.

We all make our way back to TLR and have a drink. ANTMAN is not feeling well and his ladies soon scatter to the bar for a bucket.  ANTMAN leaves a deposit of 80 PROOF liquid in one of the bench areas.  Several handy wipes come out as the splatter has moistened his clothes.  I am impressed with how well his ladies take care of him.  If this were in the states, these ladies would have been long gone.  I was impressed that they clean him up and both stayed with him the entire night.  HAMMERS made sure ANTMAN found his way back to the NANA with his harem.

The cleaning staff now has the task of taking care of the mess.  The smell sends us to the end of the bar and we have a good laugh about the entire situation.  I tip the two ladies B100 for having to do what they did and apologize for ANTMAN at the same time.

Soon I am ready to leave TLR and head back to NANA as well. I have to take a shower and get cleaned up.  I had dried whipped cream and beer all over me and a bottle of Listerine waiting for me.

I make it down to the Disco at closing time and soon I find NA.  She is dressed well and looks very nice.  I want to go with her and she wants to go to the Grace with her friends for a while.  I am tired and don’t want to go to the Grace.  I think she assumed I would be going down there for sure as I had been there the last two days until sunrise.  This night was going to be a quiet one as I have promised myself to take a trip or two with JaiGuru this week.  I missed going to the Grand Palace in the morning because the “Sandwich” crew decided to take the party to my room.

I am going to Wat Pho in the morning and have planned breakfast with JaiGuru , Sip and ANTMAN at 9am.  I had a feeling ANTMAN would not be in attendance.

I didn’t want to go down to the Grace Hotel and I should have told her that I was going to call it an early night and asked Na to stay.  I go to the lobby and GOONER and his Apple are having a great discussion.  She is disappointed that she has a LT that is going on for two weeks and wants to spend her time with GOONER.  She is saddened that she has to leave.  She has a great smile and a hearty laugh.  I immediately see why GOONER has fallen for this lovely lady.

I sit with them for a while and am approached by the NANA hags and I had better find something soon as the pickings were getting slim.  I leave the crew and head outside and think about heading to the Grace.  I spot a short hair lovely lady and spark up a conversation.  I have mixed feeling about the short hair and like seeing it as only something a little different.  I love the long silky black hair and while I find the short hair attractive, I would be disappointed if the haircut becomes too popular.

She knows me from looking out the window the last couple nights and she had tried to get my attention before.  She has a great figure and a lovely disposition.  Soon I have sealed the deal and want her as a pillow for the evening.

We head upstairs and we have just missed UPTWOYOU as there is a message for me that he came by 20 minutes ago.  I think for a moment that Na might be waiting for me at the Grace and all is forgotten when my lady for the night disrobes and takes a shower.  She has a great body and I know she will be a great partner for the evening.  For some reason I have some bent up sexual tension from earlier in the evening and perform quite well for my standards.  She spoons with me for the night and still can feel her smooth skin as I brushed my hand over her back as I went to sleep.

She was another nice lady that I would have enjoyed the company of more.  However, with only a few more days left, events would unfold and prevent a repeat performance.  It was hard on me as I would see her the next two nights and felt bad that I was with another person knowing I was lucky to have been with her already.  We would make faces at each other and talk.  I would buy her drinks and tell her I don’t mean to do this in front of her.  She had no problems and I think she liked watching me make an ass of myself creating my lesbian love combination a couple nights later.

To be continued...




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