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 Don't Ask; 
 Don't Remember  

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Don't Ask; Don't Remember -- Part 3


This series of trip reports was written by my good friend, Chewie.  It covers the APPLE Gang Tour and it's interesting to have these reports to see things from a different prospective.

“Night of the Stalker”

After some sanuk, Na and I try to get some sleep.  I booked my room through the Nana Tour desk, which requires me to pay them and not the hotel.  The desk first called at 8am and keeps calling the room every couple hours.  The maid staff wants to clean too, I guess the sign on the door indicates, don’t disturb, just CALL.  Dam, I wish they would stop calling it is only 1:00p.m.  I tell the tour desk I will pay when I get up, don’t they understand that could mean 3-4pm?  They called at 1:00 to let me know they would be gone till 1:30.  Then the maid staff calls at 2ish, don’t they know I am trying to sleep…

We get up and she takes a shower and I get dressed.  We want to see each other again and she has a birthday party in the Nana Lobby at 11pm and then she will be heading over to the Grace afterwards.  We talk about meeting up later at Grace and she gives me her phone number.  She will go home and sleep some more; I only have a few days and don’t want to waste a minute.

You know you have a regular if she is going to have a birthday party at the Nana Hotel lounge with her friends.  She is a lady.  I was so glad to meet her and would have enjoyed spending more time with her in the afternoon.  She knows the score and tells me to have fun and not worry about meeting later if something comes up.  She will be there if I come by.

We say good-bye and I head over to the New Wave bar and see if I am on the same time frame as HAMMERS and GOONER.  Guess what, HAMMERS is perched on a stool and soon GOONER walks in with his squeeze from the day before.  I wonder why he hasn’t kicked her to the curb yet.  He says he is enchanted with her youth and energy in bed.  He is hooked and thinks he will kick her to the curb by this evening….

I have lunch SAME SAME and have notice something strange about HAMMERS and GOONER.  I kid you not, these two ONLY DRINK and never eat anything.  GOONER seems to need some nourishment and nibbles on a couple of my spring rolls.  I am surprised to be watching my favorite NBA basketball team the Sacramento Kings playing the Celtics on the TV.  The game just started and it was a replay from Friday Night.  It was still cool to be sitting half way around the world and watch a game on TV.  It isn’t like basketball is worldwide juggernaut that soccer is, and I am not a huge fan.  It was just odd to catch THAT game in THAT bar at THAT time.

After lunch and a beer or two, they drag me over to Beer Garden again.


I am too tired for this and I am completely spent from the day before.  I was going try some vitamin V for the evening as it was already.  Peer pressure sends me with the crew.

We sit near the entrance or as I prefer to call it the exit.  I have a beer and begin to have a couple admirers.  They want me to buy them a drink and I resist.  The one across from me is a little attractive, however, her friends are a bit homely.  She pokes her tongue inside her check and motion for the smoke and has a great smile.  I am not falling for it this time.  I really am spent and after one beer I bid a farewell and tell them I need a nap for the evening activities.  This is the same gal that HAMMERS finished his last two days with.

I head back to the Nana and stop by one of the nail shops thinking I might be able to get a massage on my neck.  They offer the manicure, facials and the sort.  I have my nails done and her sister wants to give me a shave.  I enjoy both activities and soon am back on my way to the Nana.

Nana has a massage service and I stop by and ask about prices.  It was B600 for 2 hours and a girl would be up in 20 minutes.  I get upstairs and my room is clean.  Soon, a lovely lady joins me in my room.  Although not the most attractive, she seems as strong as yesterday’s lady and should work out just fine.  I explain to her that all I want is a massage and I would probably fall asleep while she was doing it.  I pay her in advance and tip her B500 so I don’t have to hassle with it when she is finished.

Being exhausted and getting a massage from tip of the toe to the tip of the head is very relaxing.  I must comment on a pressure point both ladies seem to have found near the groin area.  It is located above the “frank” and diagonal to the hip.  They hold pressure on this spot both times and it does get my attention.

She must have been there over two hours because when she finally stopped it was close to 7pm again.  She leaves and I take a quick shower and head down to TLR.

The crew is in full effect. JaiGuru is going around collecting for the DC and everybody is there.  HAMMERS, GB, GOONER, BURNOUT, UPTOYOU, ANTMAN, BOB4YOU, SWEEDE, NOOZY, FARANGMAN, SICK PUPPY and several others.  Sorry if I misplaced your name.  GB has ordered some pizza and it is about to arrive.  When it does, it was some pretty decent pizza and we end up ordering it a couple more times before we left.

I notice Jai working out the funds for the contest.  If it hasn’t been mentioned before a couple of our fellow pongers stiffed the group at the last minute.  Bangkok35 and TIGGY left everyone hanging.  Hell that TIGGY was the biggest mouth on the APPLE thread and he puts on his skirt at the last minute and cancels!

ANYWAY, back to some real PONGERS.

We all saddle up and it is decided we are all taking the crawl to Soi Cowboy.  We all head out front and I get in a cab with GB and ILU2M and soon we are at the entrance to Cowboy.

First stop, Suzzi Wong.

We order a beer and soon BOB4YOU comes running in like a kid on Christmas morning talking about Sheeba’s and him falling in love 3 times already.  Soon the crew heads over to Sheeba’s.  I begin to wonder were the rest of the crew is hanging out and my entertainment is put on hold looking for them.  I am told they were going to hit the beer bars next to Soi Cowboy and I head over in that general direction.  I just remember that I caught up with ANTMAN and JaiGuru.  We go looking together for the rest of the crew.

Wouldn’t you know I find BURNOUT, HAMMERS, GOONER and UPTWOYOU, playing pool in the only ladyboy bar in the area.  BURNOUT is pleased to offer up his information that one of the specimens paid B30,000 for IT's rack.

The rose and gum kids are really hassling us and JaiGuru hands one of them an APPLE GANGER sticker.  They all come out of the woodwork.  He gives out three or four and wouldn’t you know it, one of them tries to sell me one for B10.  TIT!

We finally convince the crew to head back to NANA.  GOONER picks up a rather wild lady and we get to back to Nana quickly.  We head into the show at Angle Witch and Antman, JaiGuru and SIP are enjoying the show.

We start to head out after a while and we have a plan.  I head to the pharmacy for some vitamin V and then up to my room.  BURNOUT heads to 7-11 to get some beer/booze, HAMMERS goes to the disco for some late night take-out.  Soon we all converge in my ROOM with HAMMERS, BURNOUT, GOONER and UPTWOYOU.  Sometime between leaving Angel Witch and getting to the 7-11, BURNOUT grabbed onto a lady who worked at RBIII I think.  Everyone has something on his arm except me and I start to look outside on the stroll.

This is the best thing to do at the time.  I brought a bunch of mini Hershey candies with me and we are tossing them out the window to the kids down below.  I see the nut guy walking and arrange for an air delivery.

This is when I start to think this is not such a good idea.  My Marlboro girl is down below and is jealous she is not joining in on the fun.  HAMMERS has picked one of her friends for the evening and Marlboro girl thinks she is with me.  She is unaware of all the people in my room.  We eventually show that I am with no one and then she wants to come up.  I say NO!  Anyway, UPTWOYOU takes up a position and is having a good time looking out the window.  Marlboro girl starts saying many nasty things in Thai directed at me.  UPTWOYOU’s squeeze translates something’s as saying she doesn’t like me.  This goes on for a while and GOONER is having a great time fighting with his lady.  She is keeping him in check.

Soon GOONER has enough of the things going on down below and decides it would be a good idea to hang his ass out the window.  That was not good, but it did cause her to leave the area and we were done with her.  GOONER's lady is wild and she is the opposite of the precious thing he had earlier in the day.  Oh and guess what, she is STILL HERE.

Yes, she is here and GOONER has two loves in the room.  I begin to think… O ne for me too and before I can make a plan, the heat or rather her piercing stares have gotten the best of GOONER and he asks her to leave.  He was gone a while, however, his second choice ADDS more to the party.  She is a Wild THING.


GOONER's catch for the night keeps him in check.


We head down to GRACE.

Once at the Grace we settle in at a booth with two ladies.  They are happy to see us sit down and then I think they decided to count the guys with gals.  They probably think this crew is taken and excuse themselves to the bathroom and never returned.

I look up NA and she is over at the jukebox with a bunch of her friends.  Actually, I think the BG network was in effect cause she found me before I could even focus on anything in the room.  We talk and settle in with some of her friends.  I don’t want to crowd her party and I hang with the “SANDWICH” gang.  Soon I stroll over to her group and her friends welcome me.  Some of are very hot.  Her roommate puts a bow around my neck and presents me to NA has her birthday present.  This is a fun group of ladies.

By this time, I offered to hold onto her and her roommate’s wallets and phones so they could enjoy themselves.  I joke with her roommate a little and her “date” from the night before comes by and says hello to her.  He is an Egyptian fellow and seems pleasant enough.  This is where I notice NA get into action again talking with her friend about going with him again.  She is visibly unsure if she should go.  I may be reading too much into this, however, she took a deep breath and stood up with a smile.  She came over to me to get her phone and pocketbook and I said to her to enjoy herself.  She said to me as she left.  “That is why I am going again.”  Later NA told me she basically was giving the F&F speech.

All hell is about to break loose and my first stalker is about to make things difficult for me.  I am sitting by myself and Marlboro girl comes over to me.  She keeps asking me what I am doing and I tell her I am waiting for my friend to return.  She thinks I am making up the story that I am with someone else.  Na returns and comes to my rescue.  You would think Marlboro girl would take the hint and buzz off.  NO a stalker doesn’t leave that easy.  I ask NA to leave me while I talk to Marlboro girl.

Marlboro girl wants to be friends and doesn’t know why I don’t want her around.  I tell her we can be friends and my friends are leaving me alone right now.  I am really nice and cordial during the whole scene and I ask her to leave me alone several times.  She finally tells me if we are friends I should buy her a big Heineken.  I agree and buy her one and she leaves.  Problem averted…


Now I am sitting in another area near NA and having a great time with her and her friends.  Na and I get along pretty good talking about the other punters and I am trying to hook her friends up with some drunk German and a Canadian.  Marlboro girl comes back and sits next to me.  I ask her what she is doing and she said she wanted to come be with me.  ARGH…

After about 10 minutes, the whole group is very aware that I do not want her around and I keep asking her what she wants.  Finally, I ask some of the friends I had made to ask her in Thai to please leave or to find out what she wants.

I am sitting there starting to say in a low voice out loud, “Why are you still here?  PLEASE LEAVE”

I say this louder and louder and ask to have someone tell her in Thai to leave me the *&^% alone!

Someone suggests I move and leave her there.  I do and then we get the jukebox going.  She wants to listen to a song.  What transpires is kind of funny.  I point her out to the drunk German that I tried to hook up with some of NA’s fiends.  NA’s friends didn’t want to go with him because he was too drunk.  He eventually hooks up with her and off they go after a while.

It is late, and it is well after 6am and NA and I want to head back to the Nana.  She has some roses and a big stuffed animal to take with her.  It looks like I bought her all this crap,  Oh well...  She has some good friends.

We make it back to the Nana and she turns her ID card into the desk.  The desk guard makes a comment in Thai and the two other guards laugh.  I ask her later what he said and she said that she was going to have a really hard &*&% tonight.

We get upstairs and we start to talk like the night before but not for long.  We take showers and settle into bed.  She talked about her friends working at her party and that work comes first and if they had to go work, they had to go to work and not to worry about her party.  These girls have a strong work ethic.

We start playing around and my vitamin V pill probably has worn off, or it was still active as I was quickly at attention and starting to get down to business.


I hear a loud knock at my door.  I am the middle of making monkey love and what the hell is going on!!!

I put my pants back on and answer the door.  Before I know it, GOONER and BURNOUT barge in with their partners and the party starts again.  The party starts going strong again.  We are not sure if BURNOUT has a ladyboy or not and she plays along with the mystery.  Even Na tosses in an “I’m confused” to keep the mystery going.

With all the nonsense going on, GOONER and has gal are play fighting pretty hard.  Somehow she gets one of my t-shirts on and they have a laugh.  They wrestle around a while and she is obviously way drunk.


Gooner's gal was a lot of fun. 
It's was a shame the fun ended on a bad note.


They are horsing around and GOONER is on all fours and charges into her mid section.  She looks like she was playing around and soon we realize she is not laughing anymore and has begun to cry.  This was bad.  Na tends to her and comforts her a little.  It seems GOONER bit her pussy!  That’s right he bit her pussy.

She calms down a little and she is yelling at GOONER and he is taking it in, as he knows he screwed up bad.

“You know she’s right guys, I should never have bitten her pussy that hard”  That was the quote of the week.  “I just shouldn’t have bitten her pussy that hard”

After a while she gathers herself and GOONER offers to kiss it and make up.  We joke that he isn’t going to get any now.  She tells him that she will do him right now and wants him to take off his pants.  GOONER is smart that he might wind up without his member if he partakes.  She is soon fine and GOONER did feel bad for what he did.  It's all fun and games until you bite your girl’s pussy and all hell breaks out.

We order some food and it quickly arrives.  Na and BURNOUT's lady make a joke that now he can have a BJ now that she has eaten some PET.(HOT STUFF)

GOONER's girl passes out and he eventually gets her up and takes her upstairs.  I don’t think he got any that night after all.

NA and I are too tired to shag and we decide to go to sleep.  It is Dance Contest day today and I want to get there early and get a good seat.  About 3:30 or so, NA and I wake up and start in on a session.  I begin to please her and I am reaching the point that it is my turn to receive.



It is HAMMERS on the phone and I have him talk with Na as I continue to finish my duties.  She hangs up with him and we finish.  Soon we take showers and she heads off for the day.  I had every intent of seeing her the rest of the week.  She made it clear to me to enjoy myself and not to worry about her or concerned if I find something else to keep my time.  She would wait around for me with her friends and to let her know by giving her a call.  We saw each other a few more times before my trip ended, however, I never went back to her.  I wish there was more time in the week; however, my adventures would not be what they are for the next four nights if I was going to have a GFE.  If I were going to have a GFE, I would have chosen NA.  I am happy to report we are still talking and exchanging e-mails now.  She is a special lady.


To be continued...




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