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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 18

CHANG Gang -- Part 18

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I made my way to GBB.  As I rounded the corner, the girls got busy readying our usual table.  Angel ambled over with a smile on her face, and I bought us a round.

I was surprised to see the backpackers invading the Nana Triangle this trip.  There must be a new backpacker hotel that opened at the far end of Soi See because there was a stream of backpackers that would make their way up and down the street all day.  For the most part they were okay, except for the girls that didn’t shave under their arms.  A little of that goes a long way...

As I sipped my morning eye-opener, I wondered would it would be like to BF this lovely creature sitting next to me.  She certainly took great care of me in the bar, but that doesn’t always translate to between the sheets.  Another case of “she was nice enough, but just didn’t have the fire down below.

TiggerBKK and Antman joined the group, and I thought about busting their balls a little about sticking me with last night’s tab but they’re just a little too sensitive (especially Antman) so I don’t think they would appreciated the humor.

The girls brought over a tray full of drinks and a bowl of nuts, and we were having a pretty good time.  The nut vendor showed up, and I just about fell of my stool laughing when Tig ran after him with the bowl of nuts brought by the girls.  Tig was holding the bowl of nuts under the guy’s nose, and doing everything he could to annoy the poor guy.  I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to have a stroke.

Another vendor came over, and Tig figured it was time to buy one of those laser pointers.  I didn’t expect much of the cheap thing, but was impressed with the light it put out.  The beam was invisible, but made a rather bright red dot on whatever it was pointed at.  Tig did his best to hit all the girl’s naughty bits, and the girls would hop around and try to brush off the dot.  It was a joy to watch.

After noon and even after a few bowls of noodle soup off the cart, I started to feel a little peckish.  Someone suggested the Sunday lunch at Jool’s, and we decided to head over.  I asked Angel if she were hungry, and BFed her so she could join us when she said she was.

The food was good, and we had a good time even though the girls didn’t know what to make of all that weird farang food.

When we finally left Jool’s, the thought to take Angel up to the room for a spin did go through my mind again but I was sure doing a girl from GBB would ruin things.  Mornings were fun there as it was.  Why risk things…

I hit the massage place by World Coffee for a quick massage, and then back to the room for a little rest before meeting the guys at Morning/Night.

A foot on the stairs and ‘Rock DJ’ begins to play.  Damn that DJ is good!  But I think I need to come up with a new theme song.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the guys showed up, and we were having so much fun at Morning/Night we never left for the usual stagger through the bars.

Photos courtesy of MikeM33607


Somehow we ended up with all the girls again

Dancing with two at a time...

Double trouble...


Tonight was the night of much dancing.  Whenever a good song would start playing (and that was often), the guys would stand up and start dancing.  Of course we would instantly be surrounded by three or four girls all dancing along with us.  This night a farang girl on the other side of the bar had her eye on me.  After she drank enough courage, she came over to tell me that I was a good dancer.

If there’s one thing I know I’m not; it’s a good dancer.


My favorite dancer and the farang chick that made a play.
She just couldn't get enough of me.
See the look of love in her eyes?


But it makes me wonder about these farang girls hanging around in the bars.  Do they really expect to leave with a farang guy?  And do they ever?  I guess there are those baht-pinchers out there that might be willing to save a few.  But I just couldn’t imagine it.  Not in Thailand, anyway.

Once again we were presented with an outrageous bill.  This time I decided to look at it.  As I sat there quietly trying to add it all up, the girls would come over and distract me meaning I had to start again from scratch.  It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say it was as thick as a phone book, but it was a healthy little stack of paper.  Still, around half-way through it didn’t add up to anywhere near half the bill.

GoodGirl came over and asked why I worry about the bill.  I wasn’t worried; I just wanted to see what it all added up to.  She said what if it *is* padded?  That’s just the bar’s way of giving money to the poor; just like Cabbages & Condoms.

That just frosted me a little.  We tip a lot.  And I really mean “a lot.”  Padding the bill is just stealing; plain and simple.

I could try to explain the differences to GoodGirl, or I could just pay the bill.  At the end of the day, it really isn’t that much money.  And we really did have a good time.  But who knows where that extra money is going?  To the owner?  Personally, I’d rather tip the girls.

GoodGirl said she was going to eat at the Nana coffee shop, if I wanted to join her.  And with her and a friend in tow, we crossed the street to grab a bite.  Oh, goody!  Another chance to pick up the tab...

We breezed through the lobby, and entered the coffee shop.  Sitting at one of the front tables was Nueng; the psycho bitch with the great rack that I sleazed from PommieBruv our first night in town.

As I passed her table with the two girls in tow, Nueng really gave me the evil eye.  I figured it was a good idea to find a table in the back as far way from Nueng as possible.  Unfortunately I picked one next to the hawng nam, which gave Nueng a good excuse to walk past our table a few times giving me the evil eye again and again.  I don’t know if GoodGirl and her friend noticed it, but I sure did and was not amused.

Although seeing that rack again made me think it might be nice to give Nueng a spin once more; even if she was nuttier than a fruitcake.  I had to shake my head to get those thoughts out of my mind.  What ever was I thinking?

Tomorrow GoodGirl had a surprise for me; she wanted to take me to the zoo.  Yeah, okay…  It might be interesting to do something different for a change.  But she wanted a chaperon, so said that MikeM33607 and Pim would be joining us.

We said our goodbyes, and I quickly went to my room to give you-know-who a call.

Ah, what a girl she was…



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