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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 17

CHANG Gang -- Part 17

I wonder if I could really live like this; spending mornings at GBB listening to Santana and typing away while buying a few ladydrinks for my friends.  I haven't barfined anyone from GBB this trip (yet), but the girls know I'm good for a few drinks and maybe some snacks.  No problem for me; I enjoy their distractions when I run out of words to write.

Today is a cool, cool day.  There’s a refreshing breeze chasing the tuk-tuks down Soi See.

A lottery ticket salesman ambles by and I give the girls a few baht to buy tickets with a pinkie promise to all share the winnings.  After selecting their tickets, they pat the tickets over their bodies for good luck.

So far this is a perfect morning; one that I will relive many times until I can visit Bangkok again.

As I type and watch the characters walk up and down Soi See, I keep an eye out for Pim hoping to get an update on MikeM33607 and to relay a message to GoodGirl.

The plan was to pay a visit to August Styling Salon today, but as Santana riffed away one of the girls noticed I could use a manicure and proceeded to give me one.

Mid-manicure I noticed MikeM33607 being guided down Soi See by Pim.  That’s a little strange.  Pim is a nice girl, but I don't recall ever seeing MikeM33607 the next day with his date.  For years he was king of the ST, whatever is he doing with last night's girl?  I scrambled out of my tangle of bargirls to chase MikeM33607 and Pim down the street.

When I left MikeM33607 last night, he seemed to be building up quite a head of steam.  But he missed breakfast this morning (usually not a big deal if a special girl was picked the night before), and now he has a fever.  Pim is taking him to Bumrangard.  I offered to accompany MikeM33607 for moral support but he felt he was in good hands with Pim.  And indeed he was.

A lottery ticket girl wanders by, and my second chance at a future is secured with another pinky promise.

Is there anything more annoying than the touts that stop buy ten times a day offering to sell some useless crap.  Damn, damn, damn...  This time a tout sidles up with something I could actually use.  As my 45 baht is handed over, I wonder if I will somehow now be marked as an easy sell and swarmed by countless touts.

Antman's modus operandi is to scoop up whatever girl Hammers or I hand him.  He spent the last few days in BKK with Hammer's ex we called SchoolGirl, and now he’s moved on to another one of Hammer’s ex girlfriends.  It’s hard for Antman to get rid of a girl, so these short stays in each city is a great way for Antman to get a little variety.  As different as he is, Antman must have made quite an impression on SchoolGirl because she’s been sharking the Nana triangle looking for him.

SchoolGirl stopped by my table, and I bought her a drink and some snacks.  I’d talked to her a few times the last couple days, and she never turned down an offer of food.  Not that she was overweight; quite the opposite.  SchoolGirl was one of the most petite girls that hung around.  She was just always hungry.

She talked about Antman while she ate her snacks, but I told her to forget about him.  There are many good men out there, and Antman is not ready for a good lady yet.  SchoolGirl seemed to understand what I was saying, and hugged me good-bye when she was finished with her snack.

SchoolGirl made her way down Soi See with her head spinning in all directions looking for Antman.  My guess is she was on her way to the Beergarden.  With any luck, she’ll meet a nice farang with a pocket full of baht and forget all about Antman.

It was nice to get back to the business of sipping my drink and watching the rich tableau of characters on Soi See that day.

MikeM33607 and Pim returned from the hospital with a handful of pills.  The story is Mike has got some 24-hour bug and presumably the pills will make the time go by quicker.

Antman and TiggerBKK show up, and it’s time to present Antman with his TUNA shirt.  I don’t think the girls in the bar knew what was going on but anytime with presents is a good time, and it was ladydrinks all around as the girls came over to congratulate Antman on whatever he did to deserve such a lovely tuna shirt..



MikeM33607 returned to his room to take things easy today, and Pim went along to take care of him.

That night we took a tour of Soi Cowboy and NEP, and ended up at Morning/Night – big surprise…  And as usual, the moment my foot hit the stairway leading up to the bar, familiar strains of Rock DJ began to fill the air.  That guy must spend the whole evening with his eyes glued to the entrance just to make sure he catches me as soon as possible.  Well, it earned him another beer and before the night was over he would earn a few more.

Nit’s Story – The Rubber Tree Farm 
Even though I tried to spend as much time as possible with GoodGirl, every night a Morning/Night girl named Nit latched on to me.  I prolly told Nit a hundred times I was in love with GoodGirl, but that didn’t stop Nit from grabbing my arm as soon as I made it up the stairs, and only letting go when it was time to visit the hawng nam or visit GoodGirl.

Nit was a nice girl, as were many of the girls at Morning/Night.  She had recently come to the conclusion that her days in the bar business would soon come to an end, and it was time to come up with an exit strategy.  Nit’s plan was to start a rubber tree farm.  She spent countless hours telling me how much land she wanted to buy, when she would buy each parcel, how many trees could be planted on each rai, and how many workers she would need.  I asked her how much a rubber tree cost and whenever the mood struck me, I would hand her some baht and tell her to buy some trees for me.  Every night I would tip the girls that sat with us.  Nit said that many of the girls spent the money, but she was saving the money I gave her for the rubber tree farm.  Maybe she was a pak wan, but I really did enjoy her stories of living on a rubber tree farm.

TiggerBKK and Antman slowly wandered off, and I was left to settle the tab.  What a guy…  I was shocked at the amount it was padded this time, prolly around 3,000 baht. Still, the fun I had that night in the bar couldn’t be bought back home for many times the cost.

As the bar closed, I said my goodbyes to the girls, and headed back to the Nana.  My plan was to make a quick comfort stop in the room, and spend a few hours hanging out at the Nana bar looking for adventure or whatever comes my way...  But my big bed looked inviting, so I laid down just to rest my eyes for a moment.

The phone startled me awake, and I was surprised to hear GoodGirl’s voice on the other end.  “Why you no answer door?” she asked.

“I fell asleep and didn’t hear you knocking.”

“I ring bell.”

“Okay, I fell asleep and didn’t hear you ring the doorbell.”

GoodGirl and a friend were downstairs in the lobby and wanted to know if I would join them for some food.  Why pass up another chance to pick up a tab?  I splashed some water in my face, and ran down the stairs not wanting to wait for the elevator.

GoodGirl’s friend was absolutely striking.  It was hard not to stare at her as I ate my tom kha gai.

Usually the dinner conversation is pleasant but because I didn’t answer the doorbell, the girls were convinced I had a girl in my room.  In fact, they thought there was one up there now waiting for me to return.  So I invited them up to have a look.

GoodGirl took the room tour in stride, but her striking friend was shocked to see such a big room.  I told her a good man gets a good room!  I have a funny feeling they really didn’t think there was a girl up there, they just wanted to see the room.  But who knows…

As we were saying our goodbyes the striking friend was the first to leave, and GoodGirl hid behind the door to give me a sniff just before she ran out to catch her friend.

I sat for a moment on the side of the bed and looked at my reflection in the mirror as I wondered where this was all going with GoodGirl.  Did I really love her?  No, but had we progressed a little further in our relationship I would have liquidated all my assets when I got home and made the move to Thailand.  A girl with her own house and car was just too good to pass up.  If I didn’t learn to love her, I’m sure the relationship would have lasted long enough to get on my feet.

That certainly sounded a little mercenary to me, but no more mercenary than the girls filling the go-gos and bar beers looking for a farang to support them the rest of their days.  Or until things go toes up…

But things hadn’t progressed to the point where I could make the move.  So what’s the point?  GoodGirl was nice enough, but I could be having much more fun with the usual girl I picked up at a go-go.

And with that thought, my eyes fell on a little piece of paper with Hoover’s number on it lying next to the phone.  I guess things aren’t a total loss.

Ah, what a girl she was…



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