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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 16

CHANG Gang -- Part 16

Today I met Mike at breakfast, and we decided to visit Pantip, while Antman played tour guide and took TiggerBKK to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace.

Mike and I figured it would be a good idea to warm up a little before we hit the town, so we settled into GBB for a few cold ones.  As we were sitting there minding our own business, the guv of MegaBreak and Paradise City Roadhouse ambled by.  Not willing to take no for an answer, we tackled him and dragged him back to GBB for a few.

We talked about old times, and got caught up to date.  But after a while the guv had to leave for an on-site meeting.  He invited us along to have a look at his new digs, and how could we refuse?


This would be the pit for the mechanical bull, and mud wrestling


We were disappointed we wouldn't be around for the grand opening of the Paradise City Roadhouse, but we promised to stop by next time we were in town.

Next stop -- Pantip Plaza.

The software sellers have been mostly chased off the main floor.  The word got out that we were looking for software, and they soon found us.  It turns out they had moved their shops out to the parking lot.  We were escorted out there and shown the usual flip-sheets listing just about every release of software known to man.  We made a few selections, handed over our baht, and they told us to go inside and they would find us when the CD’s were done.

We did a little more shopping and even had time for a quick snack at KFC before they showed up with the CD’s.  I wish they wouldn’t shove them down their pants to sneak them it.  Who knows what’s hitched a ride on the CD…

Mike and I still had the shopping lust, so we hopped a taxi to MBK to see what they offered.  I’d been to MBK before but only for a quick visit.  This time Mike and I really explored the place.  We spent hours going from floor to floor marveling at what was available.

As we made our way around poking our noses into every shop we saw, we noticed a t-shirt shop that offered a shirt with large letters on the front spelling out the work ‘TUNA.’  I pondered for a moment why the Thais would think it’s cool to walk around with a shirt that said TUNA on the front, but couldn’t come up with anything.  I usually don’t like to participate in enabling anyone’s illness, but I had to admit it was the perfect gift for Antman.  I finally found one I though might fit him, and bought it.

We should have taken the Skytrain back to the Nana, but instead we got into a taxi heading the wrong way.  The ride started out fast enough, but we were soon bogged down in traffic.  And today was one of those days when the Bangkok traffic just wasn’t moving.  At all.  It really felt like it took hours to get from MBK to the Nana.


How I spent my vacation...  


When we finally did get to the Nana, we were beat.  There was just enough time for a quick nap and a SSS before we had to meet the girls for dinner.

Somehow MikeM33607 and I got a late start and were afraid we might miss the girls.  GoodGirl didn’t want to be seen going into the Nana Hotel, and told us to meet her at some other hotel (sorry I can’t remember the name).  We headed off at a brisk pace trying to flag a taxi as we made our way toward the hotel.  About halfway there a taxi finally stopped for us.  At least it would give us a chance to catch our breath and ensure we would get there on time.

The girls where sitting in the lobby bar enjoying a couple Cokes and sharing a plate of shrimp.  GoodGirl was dressed well, and Pim was wearing one of the shortest skirts I think I’ve ever seen that actually covered all the naughty bits.  I love this country!

As we sat in the lobby bar sipping our cold drinks and listening to Christmas music played by a harpist, we couldn’t help but notice this hotel was a little nicer than the Nana.  But bargirls on platform shoes still scampered out whenever the elevator landed.

MikeM33607 and I ordered a Coke, and paid the tab when it was time to leave.  The girls had us wait at the front door as they went off to get the car.  The showed up in no time at all, and we were off to the Tawandang German Brewery ( http://www.tawandang1999.com ).

GoodGirl said it was a fun place with a good show.  On thing for sure was that the brewery was a bit off our beaten track.  We got there with time to spare, but was given a bit of a goose chase by the parking attendants.

When we got to the hostess station, they said they called our name but someone else said they were us and were seated.  GoodGirl complained that the parking attendants held us up and I offered a bribe, but we couldn’t get the hostesses to throw the people out of our seats.

GoodGirl and Pim started getting very sad, and I was afraid this was going to ruin our evening.  MikeM33607 and I put our heads together and figured Cabbages & Condoms might save the evening for us.

GoodGirl wasn’t sure she liked the sound of the restaurant, but I assured her it was a fine place.  On the drive over, I told GoodGirl and Pim about all the good work they did and the money they raised for various projects.  Still, GoodGirl wasn’t quite prepared to see all the different condoms that decorated the restaurant.  But any misgivings she had were forgotten when dinner was served.

The food was good as always and we were stuffed, but somehow we managed to find a little room for some sticky rice with mango.

After dinner, we waddled back to the car and headed off to Q-Bar.

Q-Bar is where all the beautiful people meet, so you might ask what we were doing there.  But we went anyway.  We bribed the parking attendant to keep special watch over GoodGirl’s car, and made our way to the entrance.  There seemed to be a lot of locals around ready to snatch up any crumbs that might fall from Q-Bar.  At the door, we had to show ID to get in.

The girls ordered Cokes, MikeM33607 a beer, and I started in on the Gin and Tonics.  After one or two, I was quite willing to embarrass myself on the dance floor, but the girls were much more interested in people watching than being part of the show.  No problem for me as I’m really not a dancer anyway.

No battle was ever fought with more advances and retreats than a date with a good Thai girl.  The evening began with private glances and smiles, and slowly moved to a hand on my arm and brush of my thigh.  Of course I would inevitably say the wrong thing and she would retreat, and only slowly recapture the ground given up.

Each and every small advance was noticed and appreciated, and every retreat was maybe a caution that she was different from the other girls and also needed a little respect.

Time will tell…



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