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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 10

CHANG Gang -- Part 10

One might think if planning three days at the Hard Rock Hotel to reserve the cabana for three days, but oh not Antman.  He must have figured it would be okay to reserve the cabana for just two days and we could take our chances on the third.  But there’s really no telling what he was thinking.

When I got wind of that, I dashed down to the pool desk to reserve the Nanacabana for the last day, but it was too late; someone had already reserved it.

Brokenhearted, I went back up to the room to change into my pool wear for the day.  We circled the pool looking for a good place to sit, but none could compare to the Nanacabana.  We finally settled on a place and ordered a round.  As we were smoothing out our towels on the deck chairs, the pool boy came running up to us and told us that the people had cancelled their reservation so the Nanacabana was now free!  Now that’s the way to do it!

This was the day that MikeM33607 would be catching up to us.  He arrived in BKK the previous night, but didn’t think he’d be up to the midnight cab ride to Pattaya after the long flight from Florida to Thailand.  I had offered to meet him at the airport with a limo and a couple bargirls, but I think he wanted to enjoy his first night in the Nana Triangle.  Can’t blame him for that!

Sometime after noon, a familiar face approached the Nanacabana – it was MikeM33607!  He had checked-in to the hotel and was ready to relax by the pool for a while.  We got caught up on what we’d been doing the last few months, and I filled him in on the trip so far.

It was MikeM33607’s honor to choose the restaurant for dinner, and he chose one of the seafood restaurants on Walking Street that stick out over the water.  The word is they’re more expensive than the average restaurant in Pattaya, but the food and service is usually pretty good and the breeze off the water makes them worth it.

We made the usual rounds and had way too much to drink, so I don’t have a lot to write about this night.

But I did get to know Mama2 (one of my favorite mamasans) a little better.  I kept trying to barfine her but she would always tell me she couldn’t leave the bar.  Finally she told me that she didn’t want the girls to know that she would go with customers so if I came back at 3 AM she would go with me.  What possessed me to do that I’ll never know.  Mama2 was attractive, but so are a lot of girls in Pattaya.  I’m sure I could find one with a lot less hassle.  But Mama2 called my bluff so I went through with it.

When I picked her up, Mama2 told me that she didn’t want to go back to my hotel because my friends might have girls who would know her.  Instead she wanted to go to a little hotel she knew.  She led me down this street and that, and then into a small passageway.  We had to balance our way across planks bridging huge puddles, as cats pawed through piles of garbage nearby.  This was another side of Pattaya I hadn’t seen before. Personally, I prefer the HRH.

The small passageway turned into a street again, and before long we were standing in the small lobby of a hotel.  I paid the man 300 THB as Mama2 grabbed the key and then took my hand to lead me up the stairs to our room.

We got to know each other a little on the bed before we went for the ab nam.  After showering, Mama2 gave me a fantastic massage and then it was off to the hunt.  I really had a good time with Mama2, and was disappointed this was our last day in Pattaya.

When it was time to go, I took out a generous portion of baht and put it on her purse.

Mama2 took the money and handed it back to me saying, “You no pay me.  I mamasan.  I fuck man I want.”

I refused the money saying it wasn’t for sex; it was for a taxi so she could get home safely.  Well, that was a lot of baht for a taxi, but she kept it.

By the time we left the hotel, the sun was already up.

The Pattaya Fun Bus was scheduled to take us back to the Nana Hotel, and I knew I’d be hurting today.



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