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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 9

CHANG Gang -- Part 9

Another day spent at the Nanacabana overlooking the Hard Rock Hotel pool.  There must be other things to do in Pattaya during the day, but for the life of me I just can’t think of them.

Antman joined us at the pool with stories of his adventure last night.  It seemed he was going to summon up the courage to barfine a stunner or die trying.  He went from bar to bar looking for the most beautiful girl in Pattaya until he found her.  Other girls would try to sit next to him, but he would tell them to go away because he was looking for ThatGirl.  As the story goes, it only took 3 or 4 bottles of courage for Antman to walk over to ThatGirl and buy her a drink.  Bolstered by the success of the outing he threw caution to the wind and barfined her.  And he was happy to report this morning that she was good in the sack too!  Will wonders never cease…

Oh, sure...  Some may laugh at that story but the truth is that this was Antman’s third trip to Thailand and the first time he got his own girl.  Usually he just settles for whatever sits next to him, or one of the guys will throw him a girl.

Antman was having such problems with katoeys that Tig and I came up with a plan to barfine a couple katoeys and bring them to dinner with us.  It might have been an interesting experiment, but I don’t know if I could have kept a straight face.  Luckily we forgot about it when it was time to head off for dinner.

We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking Walking Street.  The food was okay, and it’s a great place to people watch.  From TGs going to work, Russian hookers looking for a customers, or European families complete with children out for an evening stroll, one never knows what they’ll see next on Walking Street.

After dinner we went to this bar to flirt with my second favorite mamasan.

The latest craze at the bar was ping-pong balls that punters could buy and then throw to the girls as tips.  Maybe it sounds funny, but that’s just on the wrong side of demeaning behavior to me.  Something just doesn’t feel right about having the girls chase down ping-pong balls so they can get a 50-cent tip.  But the mamasan wanted us to buy some balls so how could we refuse.  I handed over my baht, but gave all the balls to the mamasan.  Instead of throwing the balls over to the stage, the mamasan walked around making a point to pass out balls to the girls that don't get tipped much, like the bookkeeper and a few others.  She told me how the bookkeeper’s job is very important, but they don't make much money.

A little bit later when it was time to buy another round of lady drinks, I added the bookkeeper to the list.  What the hell, one more ladydrink won't break the bank, and she'll get a lot more out of the small amount the ladydrink will bring, than I will miss.  And maybe it will make me even more jai dee if that is at all possible.

There's a girl at one bar we called Tippy.  We couldn’t figure out if she is a psycho girl, or just has her own unique sedated style.  Tippy is quite sultry looking and always dances slow without regard to the music playing.

Mama2 said Tippy had only been working there a few weeks, and used to be a good dancer but stopped dancing a few days ago.  When Mama2 asked Tippy if there were any problems, Tippy burst into tears.  Mama2 said that girls have many sources of problems, like husbands, boyfriends, customers, family, and maybe drugs, and Mama2 said sometimes girls change and are never the same again.

It was hard to tell with Tippy; I figured she either screwed like a hurricane or was a starfish in the kip, so I encouraged Antman to go over and find out.  Even after his successes last night, Antman was shaking in his boots.  I reminded him that he was indeed successful last night, and that bolstered his confidence a little.

So Antman did go over, and Tippy perked up a little when he bought her a drink.  Mama2 started to pressure him to BF her, but Antman said he had a lady already.  Really?  How did he do that?

There was a story going around town that Code Monkey had barfined a couple twins working at Lucky Girl Two so we just had to check them out.  As we were sitting in our seats looking for the twins, Fawn and Thumper joined me.  We met them a couple days earlier and they were good barfine prospects, but I just never got around to it.  Fawn was a shy girl, and Thumper liked to bounce up and down in my lap.  A little bit later BigNasty joined us.

When Fawn and Thumper got up to dance, BigNasty got under the table to show me just how much fun one could have in a go-go.  I was thinking there was a pretty good chance BigNasty was another Hoover, and didn’t want to let her go.  There’s nothing quite like a BJ from a BG in a go-go.

I think the recent turn of events was a bit much for Antman, and he shot out of there.

I did take the chance to barfine BigNasty, but I had to promise Fawn and Thumper that I would barfine them in the future.

When BigNasty came back after changing, Tig, BigNasty, and I set off to find a suitable date for Tig.

We looked and looked but couldn’t find anything that struck Tig’s fancy.  That is until we entered Apache.  There were a half-dozen or so girls on the stage, but Tig only had eyes for the Tequila girl.

We bought a few rounds of Tequila, and Tig BFed the girl.  The girls wanted to go to some disco or something, but when we got there they didn’t want to go in.  We hit a few bars until we ended up at the Polo Lounge.

One of my last memories of the evening is the four of us at the Polo Lounge with my head under a dancer's skirt while BigNasty got busy under the table.  BigNasty was fun indeed.

When we finally got back to the Hard Rock, BigNasty turned out to be everything she promised – and more.



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