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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 6

CHANG Gang -- Part 6

I completely missed breakfast and Antman again.  But he was in good hands with Hammers’ ex-girlfriend.

It was only just past noon when I made it to GBB, but I was the first one there. As they would do every day, our regular girls moved the punters off to other areas of the bar so we could have our usual spot.  After giving me a refreshing towel, I rewarded all the girls with ladydrinks and a few plates of fruit from a passing vendor.


I'm surprised more things don't burst into flames

Maybe making a little merit every once in a while works after all...

Sitting on a barstool with a sister or two...


This is being typed while sitting at GBB surrounded by three lovely angels enjoying the hottest damn Som Tom I ever did taste.  Unfookinbelievable...

A day or two earlier, I had picked up some post cards.  I usually wait until the last minute to send them, but my mother had been suffering from a long illness and loved to receive post cards from my travels.  So I thought I might send one or two every few days.

Angel watched me fill out the post cards and then asked if I wanted her to take them to the Post Office.  I’d been to the Post Office on Sukhumvit before, but I couldn’t quite remember where it was.  Angel was a great girl to have around, so I barfined her to take me to the Post Office and maybe have a nice lunch somewhere.

Angel took me to the Post Office on Sukhumvit, and while I waited in line she read an instruction booklet on getting visas to foreign countries.  That's interesting...  We stopped at a nearby hotel and had a nice little lunch.  On the way back to GBB I spotted a massage shop and asked if she wanted a massage.  I wasn’t surprised to get the usual up to you crap, but I argued “Up to you” right back until she finally said, “Yes.”

The massage earned me a hug and a sniff when it was all over.  Not a bad reward.

When we arrived back at GBB PommieBruv and MuayGuy were talking about heading over to the Biergarten to check out the action.  I had only been there once and that was a few years ago, so Antman and I joined them for the trip.

The Biergarten was a little slow that day.  There were a number of girls around, but nowhere near as many and PommieBruv and MuayGuy had seen in the past few days.  A few of the girls thought I was the most handsome man they had ever seen, but I wasn’t really interested in a ST.

I finished my beer and excused myself to go back to the room.  I wanted 30 minutes sleep and a quick shower before I had to head over to Suzi Wong for TiggerBKK’s Bangkok Birthday Bash.

30 minutes sleep worked wonders, and I was actually able to get out of bed to take that shower.  We met at Gulliver’s a little early that day, and grabbed taxis to Suzi Wong for the big do.

Tig had been thinking about his party for months, and Farangman was kind enough to handle all the logistics in Bangkok.  We had our own DJ who played crappy songs, but Tig had brought along his own soundtrack for the party. It was pretty funny; we would get the DJ to play the music at a good volume but soon he would crank it up or shut it down.  It seemed like we were forever complaining for him to set the volume and just leave it alone.  And on top of that, the DJ didn’t care much for Tig’s soundtrack and wanted to pick his own songs.  But it really was fun.

All of the CHANG Gangers already in town were there, as well as some of the locals.  It was good to see ChuckWow, Somchai, NYSaint, Shotover, and the rest of the guys again.  Was that Saudum in the corner?  Shotover heard we were headed over to Siem Reap and gave us some pretty good advice that came in very handy.

Farangman had arranged Bourbon Street to cater the affair, and the food was top shelf.  I think Tig had only ordered snacks for 20, but there were more than 20 guests there and it was much more food than we all could eat.  Most of us weren’t shy about going back to the buffet, and I’m sure we all left pretty stuffed.

Some of the girls helped lay out the food...

while others waxed the punters at pool.

Antman was pretty sure this one wasn't a katoey, so
he wasn't about to let her go.

One of the events planned for the party was a Killer Pool Tournament.  Each player anted a couple hundred baht to join the game, with the winner taking all.  It wasn’t enough to retire on, but it could definitely help fuel a night’s fun.

The way the game works is that the first shooter breaks the rack, and then each subsequent shooter must sink a ball.  If the shooter doesn’t sink a ball on his shot, he loses a life.  Lose three lives and you’re out.

I may not have been the first eliminated, but I was one of the first for sure.  I’m not much of a pool player, and the game was much more fun to watch anyway.

The winner of the first tournament was MuayGuy.

Some side games got started, and even an additional tournament or two.

Gooner and I sat and talked for a while until we realized we couldn’t have a proper birthday party without a cake.  We ran out and tried asking a few girls where we could buy a cake, but they weren’t any help.  Thinking the Jasmine Hotel might have a bakery; we went there and had a look.  We couldn’t find one, and the people there also weren’t any help.

We knew the Novotel on Soi 33 sold cakes because that’s where we got Hammers’ cake.  So we had a choice; wander around Sukhumvit looking for a bakery, or head over to the Novotel where we knew they had one.  We chose the Novotel.  Luckily there was a taxi in front of Jasmine and the driver spoke pretty good English so we were off.

When we pulled up to the Novotel, we told the driver we would give him an extra 100 baht if he waited for us and ran inside.  The Novotel bakery had a pretty nice selection of cakes, and the prices were very reasonable.  Gooner and I picked the nicest biggest cake we could, and the attractive girls behind the counter boxed it for us.  Being careful to not jostle the cake too much, we scooted back to the taxi waiting for us in front of the hotel.

Once inside, we told the driver we were in a hurry and were off in a flash.  Gooner and I were pretty satisfied we found a good cake, and were able to relax a little on the ride back to Soi Cowboy.  The driver knew we were in a hurry, so took us on the back streets instead of wasting time on Sukhumvit.

We paid the fare, and as promised, a generous tip.  It was kind of funny walking down Soi Cowboy with a cake.  It seemed the hello girls knew what the box contained, and their eyes told us they shared in the joy of the moment as the cake passed their bar.

When we arrived at the party, we handed the box off to the server girls who got busy putting the candles in and lighting them.  Before long they were all singing Happy Birthday to Tig as they presented him with his cake.  Tig made his wish, blew out the candles, and the girls got busy passing out pieces of cake to everyone.

It was a fun night, but all too soon some of the guys started to disappear in search of whatever the night had in store for them.  Antman, Hammers, Gooner and (HappyFace), MuayGuy, PommieBruv, Tig, and I decided to hit a few bars on Soi Cowboy.  Why not?  We were already there…

Midnight Bar was a lot of fun that night, and the drinks were flowing.  Most of us had a girl on either side, and one in our lap.  It just don’t get much better than that. HappyFace (Gooner's GFE) was well past her limit on the Vodka/Lippos and was starting to get a little sloppy.  Tig and I stopped at Doll House with a promise to catch up to the rest of the lads at Morning/Night.

While we were watching NYSaint throw ping-pong balls to the girls on the stage, back at Midnight Bar HappyFace thought it would be a good idea to get up on stage and dance a little.  Unfortunately, she had too much to drink, misjudged things a little, and ended up falling off the stage only to land on a table chin first.  She was unconscious for a little while, and bleeding heavily from a deep cut on the chin.  Gooner tried to get her to go to the hospital, but HappyFace didn’t want to.  The guys gave up trying, and moved the party to Morning/Night.

Tig hadn’t been to NEP yet this trip so I volunteered to take him for a quick run through the bars before meeting the guys.

Made the rounds we did until we ended up at Hollywood Rocks (or was it Playschool) where one of my favorite server girls works.  I bought her a few drinks and tried to barfine her as usual, but she wouldn’t have it.  I guess she’ll just have to settle for a big tip instead.

The mamasan there used to be the mamasan at Suzy Wong.  Suzy Wong had been one of my favorite bars for a while, and not because she used to grab my butt every time I visited.  But here she was working at NEP.  I think she was as surprised to see me as I her.  It was nice to sit a while with these two girls and enjoy a few drinks.

All of a sudden a commotion came from the other side of the bar.  A punter skipped out without paying; maybe he was too drunk to remember, or a Cheap Charlie.  The mamasan and the server girl went running, and that gave Tig and I a chance to check bin.

It was getting late and I wanted to catch up to the group.  We stopped on the way to Morning/Night at the burger stand in front of NEP.  Those burgers are pretty good!

The party was in full swing by the time we got to Morning/Night.  All the guys were there surrounded by our favorite dozen or so bargirls.  Song was also there, and GoodGirl was at the bar talking to her friends.  It was as if we had never left.

But there was trouble in paradise this night; GoodGirl made it known she was upset with me.  It turns out that I was seen going to the Post Office with Angel this morning, and word got around on the bargirl grapevine.  I tried pleading my innocence, but wasn’t making much progress.  GoodGirl asked me why her friends would lie to her, and I didn’t have a good answer for that.  Saying that her friends might have made a mistake didn’t score any points.  GoodGirl had made her mind up, and that’s the way it was going to be.

Joining the guys again, Song asked me why I wasn’t talking with GoodGirl.  I explained my tale of woe to her, and Song nodded knowingly.  The truth is I had forgotten all about Angel, but I don’t think it would have helped things if I had remembered.  What could I say?  “Oh, yeah.  I barfined that girl but nothing happened.  Honest!  Besides, you said I could do short time anyway!!”  I really don’t think that would have worked either.

After a while, Song joined GoodGirl for another conference; this was a long one with much talking on both sides.  When Song finally joined me again, she said I should go talk with GoodGirl again.

It looked like Song had patched things up with GoodGirl, but the ground rules were now pretty clear; short times were not okay even though GoodGirl said they were.  I guess it was a test after all.

We talked the rest of the evening with GoodGirl seeming a little apologetic, but still suspicious.

I promised to call GoodGirl when she got home, and also promised to call when I was in Pattaya.

Gooner stopped by with a head full of quandary.  HappyFace had a pretty nasty cut on her chin but didn’t want to go to the hospital, so he asked me what I thought he should do.  My response was that he should take her anyway, and I was thinking about risking taking her if he wasn’t going to.

Gooner said that he had asked a bunch of people what he should do and it broke down into two groups; the Europeans said if she didn’t want to go – fuck her, and the Americans said to take her even if she didn’t want to go.  I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or proud of his statistics, but I felt bad that HappyFace was in a bad way and no one was doing anything.  She was too drunk to be making those decisions, and being knocked out for a while prolly didn’t help anything.

HappyFace is such a pretty girl, and that was a deep cut.  Everyone was sure it needed stitches.  My thought was if it didn’t heal properly it would leave a nasty scar.  I really didn’t want to step on Gooner’s toes and take HappyFace to the hospital, but it really was the thing to do and somebody had to do it.

HappyFace had been holding wet napkins to her chin trying to stop the bleeding ever since she woke up from taking the header.  It had been a couple hours since she took the header, and she was still bleeding.  Luckily Gooner dragged HappyFace out to the street, put her in a taxi and they were off to the hospital.  Good thing too; it took six stitches to close the wound.

If I can keep tonight’s call to GoodGirl short, there’ll be a chance to call Hoover again before I head off to Pattaya.

Ah, what a girl she was.



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