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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 5

CHANG Gang -- Part 5

This just isn’t like me at all.  I’m usually up at the crack of dawn, and out in the city somewhere looking for new things to see.  But this trip it’s all I can do to make it to the GBB by noon.  The truth is that today I was paying for all the vodka/lippos I enjoyed last night.  They were fun at the time, but I think I’ve had my last vodka/lippo.

The girls at GBB have it down to an art; as soon as they see one of the gang round the corner from the Nana Hotel, the usual girls drag a few tables together and get ready for the gang to show up.  I’ve even seen them move punters to other tables because the regulars are coming.   The girls know to chase all the Cheap Charlies away when the big boys come out to play.  It’s nice having a home base where all the girls know us, and we don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

MuayGuy and I were eating our weight in noodles just about everyday from the cart across the street.  Our girls would run over to make the order and pick it up.  They even added the spices for us.  We’re convinced that they’re trying to get us used to Thai food by making each bowl on noodles just a little bit hotter.  Sometimes the noodles were quite spicy but I couldn’t complain as I started to like them that way.

Click here for a little
slice of life from GBB

TiggerBKK was supposed to arrive in Bangkok this day and wander in to GBB around 2 PM, but 2 PM came and went without hide nor hair of him.  At the last minute, he canceled last April’s trip, and some of us were wondering if he were going to do it again.  It was hard to believe because he put a lot of effort into his planned birthday bash, but you never know…

After spending the day at GBB, we all met up at Gulliver's around 7 because that's what we said we would do but the truth is we really were getting a little tired of the place.  Some of the guys just flat out complained about it the entire time, but Hammers did a good job of reminding everyone that we were going there to meet friends and it was only for one drink anyway…

I had a few free moments so I checked my email at Gulliver's and found an email from TiggerBkk saying his flights had been delayed.  Poor TiggerBKK had problems with every connection along the way.  He swore he’d be arriving in the Nana Triangle around 10 PM, so I sent an email back saying to meet us at Morning/Night.

The group decided that night would be a good choice for a big meal, and chose Cabbages & Condoms as the place.  Most of us walked and made it there long before those that took a taxi.  A table for 12 was no problem, and we all got to work studying the menu.  Somehow everyone ordered different dishes, so we had an opportunity to try many different things.

Those of us that weren’t too stuffed even had a chance to try the mango with sticky rice.  It was superb as usual, but Gooner thought it tasted a bit like the porridge his mother used to make.

If we weren’t stuffed before the mango with sticky rice, we sure were after.  Some of us wanted to walk off the feast, while others didn’t think they could take another step.  But we all agreed to meet up at Morning/Night, and were off.

Walking up the steps to Morning/Night, I was delighted to see that Song and GoodGirl were already there.  Song and GoodGirl did not know each other but they had mutual friends, and that was enough for Song to tell GoodGirl all about me.  At first I was a little worried having known Song for a few years, but I really couldn’t remember anything I had done that was really bad news.  Maybe I had a few too many drinks in her bar once or twice, but I always treated the girls well with lots of ladydrinks and tips.  And I don’t think I ever BFed anyone from Song’s bar.

After the conference between Song and GoodGirl was over, GoodGirl was a little more open to getting to know me better.  ‘Little’ really is the operative word in that sentence.  We might have had a few moments alone to ourselves in the very crowded Morning/Night, but GoodGirl’s friends were never far away and would often come over to see if she was okay.  Maybe we had shaken hands by that time, but that was all of the physical contact we had.

Everyone knew we were going to Pattaya and Cambodia in a few days, so I thought it might be a good idea to invite GoodGirl to join us in Pattaya.  I figured that was a good idea because we were all staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya, and she might enjoy lounging around the pool.  GoodGirl seemed a little afraid to go to Pattaya, and offering to take Song down there and get everyone their own rooms didn’t help much.

I didn’t pick up on it at the time, but GoodGirl said she was interested in going to Cambodia.  I may have dismissed the idea because I thought she might need a visa or something, and this would be my first trip to Siem Reap so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  But if I had it all to do over again, I would have taken her.  Then again, considering how hard-to-get GoodGirl was playing, I was surprised she would be willing to go to Cambodia.

I really had no idea what I thought I was doing with GoodGirl, or really why.  There was something about her that attracted me, and I could do a lot worse than getting serious about a girl that lives in Thailand and has her own house and car.  After all, it won’t be long until I make the big move and finding the right girl could make it all that much sweeter.  I could imagine driving into the city with GoodGirl going off in one direction to meet her friends, and I going off in another to find the party for the night.  I think I could get used to that.

GoodGirl would often ask me why I didn’t barfine any of the girls from Morning/Night, but my story was that I was in love with her and I was sticking to it.  She said it was okay if I took a short-time, but I always figured that was a test.  And why take a chance when I have Hoover’s number back in the room.

Ah, what a girl she was…

Before long, TiggerBKK’s smiling face joined us at the bar.  He had been up for around 36 hours straight, and was fully enjoying that manic feeling one gets when they haven’t slept for a while and doesn’t want to miss out on the fun.

Tomorrow would be the day of TiggerBKK’s Bangkok Birthday Bash.  After shaking everyone’s hand, Tig reached into his pocket and pulled out invitations for everyone.  Invitations weren’t really required, but he had stickers made up with time and place so we’d all have a good chance to make it.  Actually, Tig and I had been emailing about it for a few weeks and there was no way I’d miss it, but the stickers were a nice touch.

And the girls fell in love with the stickers.  One could tell where Tig had been by the bargirls left in his wake with TiggerBKK’s Bangkok Birthday Bash stickers adorning various parts of their bodies.

As the night wore on, I thought GoodGirl might be tired of spending so much time in a bar so I asked her out to dinner.  GoodGirl said she had to stay until her friend finished working to them give a ride home, and then GoodGirl would take, Song and I out to a special place.  I didn’t like the idea of a chaperone, but the truth is I expected it.

Thinking a foursome might be a better idea; I invited Tig to join us.  Tig really was beat, but he was hungry and interested to try this special place.

The plan was we would all wait for GoodGirl in the lobby bar at the Nana Hotel.  She would pick us up in her car and take us out.

Unfortunately, Nueng was also in the lobby bar sharking for customers and she was pissed off at me because I hadn’t seen her again after that first night.  Well, I didn’t want to spend time with her because I think PommieBruv was a little pissed at the whole thing, and I thought she was a little psycho anyway.

Nueng bitched at me for a spell while I just stared at her with a raised eyebrow.  She demanded to go up to my room, but I refused which just made her more pissed.  She accused me of being a big butterfly and having a girl in my room.

I really didn’t like this at all.  At any time GoodGirl could walk into the bar, and here I was with this nut case.

Nueng must have sensed she wasn’t going to get anywhere with me and said she didn’t care anyway because in a day or two she was going to Pattaya.  Great, just what I needed to hear.  A bunch of us were going to Pattaya in a few days, and the last thing I wanted to do was have to put up with this crap there too.

But her mams were magnificent…

Nueng finally said she needed 500 baht for cab fare and if I gave it to her, she would leave me alone forever.  I didn’t want to give her 500 baht, but I really did want her gone before GoodGirl got there and I was starting to feel sorry for Nueng.  I reached into my 100 baht pocket, pulled out my last 100 baht note, and gave it to Nueng saying that’s all I had.  She didn’t believe me, and reached into my pocket to check.  The cheek of the girl!

Luckily she didn’t check any of my other pockets because they were all stuffed with baht; it was just the 100 baht notes pocket that was empty at the time.

I have a hard time figuring out all the money when I’m drunk and in a dark go-go, so I separate my money by putting 1,000 baht notes in this pocket, 500 baht notes in that pocket, and so on.  Then when I need some money, I know which pocket to dip in to and I don’t have to worry about what I pull out.  Hey, it works for me.

Nueng did leave with a big scowl on her face, and I was sure it wouldn’t be the last time I saw her.  I just hoped when I saw her again that I wouldn’t be with GoodGirl.

And it was only a moment or so after Nueng left that GoodGirl walked in with a big smile on her face.  I lucked out big time.

Making sure I remembered to open the door for GoodGirl, the four of us hopped in the car and were off.  It was prolly around 4 AM, but there were still a lot of things going on in the city.  GoodGirl and Song would talk in Thai, while Tig and I looked out the windows wondering where the hell we were going.

Before too long GoodGirl turned in to an empty lot and parked her car.  She said we only had a little way to walk as the restaurant was just over there.  It wasn’t a restaurant as much as it was a collection of tables and chairs in the middle of a field somewhere.  Somehow they got power and had run lights around the perimeter of the restaurant.  There was a DJ off in one of the corners playing modern Thai songs.  GoodGirl said they had karaoke sometimes, if we felt like singing.  That’s all I needed…  The last thing I want to do if I’m trying to score points with someone is start singing!

The menu was in Thai, but Song remembered what I liked to eat from last year and ordered for me.  My recollection is that Tig was up for anything so just pointed and chose, and the girls ordered seafood dishes.

I’ve got to admit the food was fantastic.  Even though I was still a little stuffed from the Cabbages & Condoms feast we had earlier, it was no problem enjoying this delicious meal.

At one point during dinner, GoodGirl took a little piece of paper out of her purse and handed it to me under the table.  Tig and Song were having a great time getting to know each other so I don’t think they would have noticed anyway.  I unfolded the paper and saw GoodGirl had written her telephone number on it.

After our dinner, we paired off and slowly walked back to the car.  GoodGirl and I led they way with Tig and Song only 10 yards or so behind.  GoodGirl nudged me and said I could call her in 45 minutes to see if she got home okay.

Only our second time together and I got her telephone number and a nudge?  She seemed to be moving awfully fast for a good girl.  Maybe she realized time wasn’t on her side.  She wasn’t exactly my age, but she was no spring chicken either.  That’s okay with me; I prefer them a little older and wiser.  Sure the younger ones might have more energy, but the older ones have the benefit of a little more practice.

When GoodGirl dropped us off at the Nana Hotel, I lingered for just a moment so I could say good-bye in private.  By the time I turned around, Tig and Song were long gone.

It was well after 5 AM, but there were still girls in the parking lot and lobby in search of boyfriends for what was left of the night.  Although some were tempting, I knew I had something to do in a little while.

45 minutes after GoodGirl dropped us off, I dialed her number and she answered. We talked for a while even though we were both very tired.  Before we hung up, she asked me to call when I woke up.

Now what to do, what to do…  I could always go back down to the lobby and give in to some of that temptation, but the little scrap of paper with Hoover’s telephone number seemed to be shouting out, “Pick me! Pick me!”

And that's exactly what I did.

Ah, what a girl she was...



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