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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 3

CHANG Gang -- Part 3

Hoover wrote out her cell phone number for me.  I promised I'd call as usual, but I thought I really would this time.

After a quick breakfast, Antman and I headed out to our favorite travel agent to get tickets to Cambodia.  The plan was to travel to Siem Reap with TiggerBKK and MikeM33607, and spend a couple days at Angkor Wat visiting the temples.  TiggerBKK would be here in a day or two and buy his ticket, but MikeM33607 was only going to spend the night (meaning less than 12 hours as he arrived on the midnight flight) in Bangkok before joining us in Pattaya and flying to Siem Reap the next day.  MikeM33607 wouldn’t have time to buy his ticket, so I agreed to get it for him.

I wasn’t really sure if they would let me buy a ticket for someone else; sometimes they want to see a passport.  But the purchase came off with out a hitch, and we walked out of there with three Siem Reap tickets.

Antman and I hadn’t checked emails for a couple days, so we went down to World Coffee to use the Internet and have a quick coffee.  I was surprised to see there’s a Submarine sandwich shop right inside World Coffee, and Antman was overjoyed to see they offered a tuna sandwich (his favorite).  I don’t know if we were really all that hungry having just finished breakfast, but the smell of the freshly baked bread got to us and we had to have a quick bite before we started surfing.

We made it to GBB just a moment before the rest of the guys showed up. Beers were ordered before they even grabbed stools.  That’s the way to do it.

One of the girls (Angel) took a shining to me, and I figured I could do worse than buy her ladydrinks.  Having learned my lesson last trip, I didn’t intend to BF any of the girls from GBB, but they have to make a living too.  So we all bought a lot of ladydrinks, and tipped the girls well for spending the afternoon with us.

After only two visits, Gulliver’s is starting to get on everyone’s nerves.  We couldn’t really put our finger on why we all thought the place sucked so much until PommieBruv pointed out how horrible the music was.  Yup, that was it all right.  The DJ played a lot of slow ambient music, and that just didn’t help liven up the place.

After hanging around Gulliver’s to collect anyone that showed up, we headed off to Soi Cowboy.  We had a beer in a couple bars, and ended up at Midnight.  The guys were all content to watch the dancers, but I felt a little restless and took my beer to the outside table to drink it there.  Before long, guys started to join me.  DJ was there, along with GB64 and Farangman.  And I think even GreekElvis and LOSVirgin stopped off for a little while.

We hit a few more go-gos until someone thought we should introduce MuayGuy to the bar beers of Asoke.  Not a bad idea at all.

We found a lovely little bar beer and settled in for some drinks.  They didn’t have stools for everyone, so some had to sit at the bar beer 4 feet away.  Unfortunately, that was a katoey bar and Antman was already nose-to-nose with one of them.  After a drink or two, Antman came over to borrow a couple thousand baht.

“Are you gonna barfine her?”

“Yeah, I think so.  She’s nice.”

“Do you know that’s a katoey bar?”

“They’re not all katoeys.”

“Yeah, I bet your girl is different.  If there are 10 girls in a bar and 9 of them are katoeys; there’s a good chance the 10th  girl prolly is too.”

“Damn!  How do I always end up with the katoeys?”

I’m starting to wonder…

We hit a few more bar beers, and decided to head over to NEP.  We settled on Morning/Night and got to work at some serious drinking.

I’ll admit I was drunk, and we bought a hell of a lot of lady drinks for the girls, but Morning/Night padded the bill big time.  We were all philosophical about it; I mean, we had a lot of fun and it only cost us a thousand baht each.  But stuff like that can stick in one’s craw, and it wouldn’t be the last time Morning/Night padded our bills this trip.  In fact, the added a little something extra each and every time we visited.  And sometimes it wasn’t so little…

Some how we made it back to the lobby bar at the Nana Hotel.  I sure don’t know how.  I was seeing double, and the room was spinning.

Antman was hanging around with one of Hammers ex-girlfriends, and it seemed there was a little jealousy going on between her and Hammers’ two new girlfriends.  Quick words in Thai were exchanged, and Antman’s girl started picking up beer bottles and throwing them at Hammers’ girls.

Security came out of nowhere, and the skirmish was quickly downgraded to a yelling match.  Antman took the opportunity to grab his girl and drag her up to his room.

Up in my room, I had to wonder what happened to my shoe.  I’m sure I had them both on when I left for the evening, but now one seemed to be missing.  Screw it.  I didn’t feel like going out again anyway, even if I had two shoes.  Maybe I should just order in.  I fumbled around on the bedside table, and found Hoover’s number.

Ah, what a girl she was...



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