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 The CHANG Gang 

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The CHANG Gang -- Part 2

CHANG Gang -- Part 2

I had my hands full with Nueng, no pun intended.  Her mams were magnificent.

The Nana breakfast came and went without Antman and I making an appearance.  So did lunch, for that matter.  Thatís not really like us.  Weíre usually pretty eager to hit the town in the morning no matter what time we go to sleep.  Weíve gone for weeks with only 90 minutes sleep a couple times a day, so both of us missing breakfast and lunch was a big deal for us. Nueng woke up around 2PM and wanted to eat.  No way was I leaving the room any time soon, so I handed her the Room Service menu as I continued to play with her mams.  She remembered what I had last night and ordered that for me, along with a bunch of stuff for her.  All these girls are the same, they order a fuck off lot of food, but only eat small portions of it.  No problem, I was getting hungrier by the moment and finished the rest off.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but not usually in LOS.  Parting in LOS means one will soon find another lady just around the corner.  And the truth is I was starting to think Nueng was a little psycho. 

It turns out Nueng married a guy from Finland, and he set her up with her own Thai restaurant.  She was supposed to be back in Thailand for a few weeks visiting family, but instead she was spending evenings sharking the Nana disco and lobby bar.  She even asked me if I was going to Pattaya because she wanted a ride.

As I escorted her to the roomís door, she started accusing me of being a big butterfly.  Sometimes thatís true, but last night was my first night in town!  I tried to make a little joke saying I was only a little butterfly, but it didnít go over very well.  She just got more pissed.  Who cares, right?  As soon as the door is shut, sheís out of my life Ė forever.

Or so I thought.  Like I said; she was a little psycho.

I thought I could joke with PommieBruv how I took a bullet for him, but I think he might have been a little bent I sleazed her.

I finally caught up with everyone at GBB.  The guys were already a few beers into the afternoon, so it was hard to tell if they began fresh or were still partying from last night.

We stayed in our seats until around 6:30PM.  We told a few other guys that we would be meeting at Gulliverís around 7PM before beginning our nightly stagger, so it was time to head over.  Picking a bar to meet everyone worked pretty well the last few trips, but we had used The Living Room and itís hella easier to hook up with people there.  Unfortunately TLR is gone now.

Gulliverís is just too big, and there were a lot of different groups meeting up there.  But we were able to meet up with DJ, LOSVirgin, and GreekElvis.  This was LOSVirginís first trip to Thailand.  We had been emailing for weeks because he was a little worried about the trip, and I tired to share as much information with him as possible.  It was good to shake his hand and finally meet the face behind the emails.LOSVirgin had hooked up with GreekElvis a few days earlier, and was really getting into the spirit of things.

We made it in time for the show at Angelwitch.  As the show progressed, guys started to pair off. I really wanted to see those girls in the traditional costumes, but I was getting a little tired of Angelwitch.  That and every two minutes a server girl would come over and shake our beers to see if it was time to order another round. I hate it when that happens.  Iím sure they must get a lot of Cheap Charlies and they have a business to run, but they really should give it a rest when the punter has a bin full of checks.  I asked Hammers if he was interested in a change of view, but he was enjoying the show and didnít want to move.

There wasnít really a plan at that point, other than to just keep moving.  I thought I would stop in a bunch more bars and have a beer in each. Thatís usually fun.  But most of the bars were pretty dead.

I walked into one bar I hadnít seen before and looked for a seat.  I should have spent a little more time looking at the girls on stage.  I made my way to the far side of the bar and realized Cascade was a katoey bar.  Not that thereís anything wrong with itÖ  As I turned to leave, I was immediately surrounded by 3 katoeys.  When I told them I was looking for my friend, they all said they were quite willing to be my new friend.  That prolly wasnít the best excuse I ever thought up.  But I explained I was looking for my farang friend, and they left me alone so I could make my escape.

Hey!  Carnival has a mechanical bull.  Normally I stay away from bars with mechanical bulls, but it was fun in this bar.  Quite a few of the girls would get up to ride the beast, and the girls just had the hardest time keeping their tops on. 

There I met a girl I called Hoover; not only did she posses that patented sucking action; she resembled Herbert Hoover just a little bit.  Oh well, looks aren't everything and I really couldn't tell with her face buried in my lap anyway.

Hoover wasnít shy about snorkeling the weasel in the bar, and I wasnít shy about having mine snorkled.

When they closed the bar, I BFed Hoover so we could take it to the room. We fell asleep with my root in her mouth and woke up the same way. 

Ah, what a girl she was...



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