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 The Big APPLE 

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 6


The Big APPLE -- Part 6

The Big APPLE -- Part 6

Damn! Something is wrong; the alarm should have gone off by now.  I clearly remember adjusting the alarm for 3 AM, but I don't remember setting it.  I reached over in a panic knocking everything off of the nightstand as I grabbed my two clocks.  Luckily, it was only 2:55 AM but I had indeed forgotten to set the alarm.  I sat up in bed and placed the clocks back on the table, and turned to marvel at the sight of Sip's long black hair and perfect skin as she lay sleeping.  How I was ever able to tear myself away and go to the shower, I just don't know.

After the shower, there was about 45 minutes for me to pack the few things I didn't put in my bag last night.  I grabbed my things and took them into the other room, but the little noise I did make caused Sip to wake.

"Jai?  You pack now?  You go now?"

"Yes, it's time to go.  It's time for you to take a shower too."

"Okay.  I take shower, no problem."

Watching Sip slide from under the sheets and pad off to the bathroom, I asked myself more than once why I would want to wake her up and make her leave.  And why I myself was leaving.

While Sip was in the shower, I grabbed an envelope, put some baht in it, and placed it on top of her purse.

Sip finished her shower and came out to pack her things.  She instantly saw the envelope and tried to give it back to me saying, "You friend me, you no pay."

I told her that I knew the flight to see me was very expensive, and I wanted her to save her money for school.  She gave me a hug and put the envelope in her purse.

When she brought her hand out of her purse, Sip pulled out the after-dinner condoms we received from Cabbages and Condoms last night, and handed them to me.  I looked at them for a moment wondering what I would do with them, and handed them back to her saying, "Not for me."  

Sip then tossed them in the waste basket and said, "Not for me too."

Maybe Sip really is a Good Thai Girl now.


Hammers is the life of any party.

Gooner made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes a few times.

It was good to have Bob4You around to help liven the party (even though not much livening was needed), and to also hear his experience of putting a girl through school.

Thaibarmy can bring a smile to anyone's face.

After meeting DaGringo I feel I now have a brother living in Scotland.

Burnout nailed two sisters.

UpToUNotMe was a joy to talk with and share a few stories.

It was good to see Shotover again, and to hear his plans to rent a motorbike and ride through Asia.  You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Anytime I'm within striking distance of a Chewie crawl, I'll be there.

Jmacia90 is a dancer!

GB64 is the consummate host.

Swede is a helluva nice guy, even though he remains neutral in all matters.

NYSaint is a sparkplug on any crawl, but quite dangerous to leave alone with your GFE.

And of course no trip to BKK would be complete with out shaking the hands of:

Farangman, Flashermac, Jazz, Loot Doot, & Noozy.



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