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 the big apple 

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the big apple -- part 2

the big apple -- part 2

90 minutes sleep!  90 minutes sleep!!  i was so tired i hurt.  i prolly should have just turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep, but a few things needed to be done today.  nueng wanted more boom-boom, but that wasn't one of them.

if you read my last trip report series, you might recall sip.  she was the girl that i met in phuket and became so enamored with, i just had to take her to pattaya with me.

when we parted we exchanged email addresses, and emailed each other periodically.  she even sent me an e-card on wahlenties day.  that's february 14, in case you didn't know.

as time went on (and remember we're only talking four or so months here), she started to say she loved me.  at first it was little mentions, then it grew into poems.  that surprised me.  i thought she spoke pretty good english for a bg, but being able to write poetry is a whole different level.  i thought she might be copying the poems, but the english just wasn't good enough.  maybe there's a tortured english poetry book for bgs.

i know what you're thinking, but i really didn't think she loved me.  i chose to believe she was just trying to keep one of her better customers buttered up.  and it was working.

a few weeks before antman and i left for the apple stagger, i mentioned to sip how sad i was that i could not go down to phuket to visit her when i was in bangkok.  that was a mistake.

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she couldn't understand why i would not visit her in phuket, even for just one day.  i told her i was busy, and there was nothing i could do.

it never dawned on me that sip might have some money saved, and that she would buy her own airline ticket to bangkok to visit me.  but that is exactly what happened.  she sent me an email with the flight information, and begged me to meet her at the airport.  how could i refuse?

aw heck.  it's not that i didn't want to see her.  maybe i always figured i would see sip again sometime, just not so soon.  the apple stagger was to be a time of complete debauchery.  in fact, antman and i made a promise that we would not bf the same girl twice.  now look what is happening to me!!

sip's flight from phuket is arriving today, and i promised to meet her.

nueng wanted to wrestle one more time.  lucky me.  the way things are going, there'll be nothing left for sip!

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antman is a lot smarter than me (and also less hungry) so he slept in instead of joining me for breakfast at 8 am.  so much for promises...  we planned to go to august styling salon to get freshened up at 9 am, and he said he would be down for that.

nueng didn't want to stay for breakfast, so she got a walk to the front door and one last pat on the rump as she left the hotel.  she was a fun girl.  maybe it's a good thing sip is coming, because i didn't know if i could honor my promise to antman and not bf her again.

as usual, i enjoyed the nana breakfast.  and i had just enough time to run up to the room to brush my teeth before it was time to meet antman in the lobby.

as i was leaving the room, the complementary fruit basket caught my eye.  i picked it up and took it to the maid station.  there, using both hands, i solemnly handed the fruit basket to the oldest maid, and thanked her for the work she would be doing for me.  all of the big smiles in the room made me think i scored a couple of points with that idea.  as i turned to leave, i could hear the plastic wrap of the fruit basket being opened and plates passed around.

antman was waiting for me in the lobby, so it was right out the hotel door for both of us.

passing gbb, we looked in to see if hammers and gooner were there yet.  but it was a little early for them; they prolly wouldn't be there for an hour or so.

with a spring in our step it was a quick walk down sukhumvit, but somehow we missed august and ended up at tlr.  on our way back we noticed that they ever so slightly changed the front of august, and the first pass we had noticed the change but didn't realize the shop was august,  and kept on walking.  no problem; we have lots of time.

antman and i signed up for the works, and proceeded to doze for the next couple hours while the girls worked on us.  a pair of guys came in for their first time, and it was great fun listening to them try to figure out what they wanted.  it seems everyone goes through the same thing the first time.  "manicure?  why would i want that?  i have a clipper!"

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when the girls finished working on us, we paid our bill and gave little tips all around.  ah...  feeling civilized again...

we had planned on bangkok traffic, so we had a lot of extra time built into the schedule.  we ducked into a 7-11 for some cold drinks, and antman became fixated on a product ad that showed a woman with a chair stuck on her @ss.  it took us a few moments to understand that they were selling glue, but we had a laugh when we figured it out.

we crossed sukhumvit, jumped in a taxi, and still were way ahead of schedule so we didn't mind so much when the driver started taking us the long way.  maybe the traffic is bad so he's taking a different route.  it doesn't matter as we should be there with lots of time to spare.

i was wondering what it would be like to see sip again; sip was a lot of fun, but i didn't think she needed to be sending me all those love emails.  maybe she thought it was good for business.  there's no telling.

and i don't know what the driver was thinking about, but it certainly wasn't his driving.  all of a sudden he slammed on his brakes and just missed hitting the rear end of the car in front of us, or so he thought.  when the car in front of us pulled up a little, i could tell by the marks on the bumper that we had indeed hit it.

the taxi driver, on the other hand, decided to pass the victim perhaps to see if they would follow; which they did.  and with great honking of horns and flailing of arms, the victim convinced our taxi driver to pull over.

i had worked some time into our schedule so we wouldn't be rushed, but it seemed events were now starting to conspire against us.  after a quick discussion with antman, i started to grab my stuff so we could get out of there.  it was a busy street so i wasn't worried about getting another taxi.  the taxi driver saw we were moving around and came over to block the door and told us to stay in.  i didn't want to do that!  just then the victim started yelling at the taxi driver and the taxi driver ran back to deal with the victim; that was our chance to bolt.  i tossed 40 baht on the driver's seat, grabbed my stuff, and was out the door.  the driver turned when he heard the door slam, and was deflated to see us both scooting away from his taxi.

we got only as far as the front bumper before another taxi pulled up for us -- he must have figured out what was going on by the cars pulled over at the side of the road.  it took a couple of tries before we could make it understood we wanted to go to don muang.  but as soon as the driver did understand, he was off in a flash.

i chose to believe that the new taxi driver appreciated we might be a little behind schedule what with the accident and all, so pulled out all the stops to get to the airport as quickly as possible.  he expertly darted in and out of traffic, and also on and off the expressway depending of traffic.  all in all, we were happy with his effort and told him so along with a tip when we finally got to the airport.

we got to the arrival terminal meeting point with only a moment to spare.  the status of sip's plane actually changed to landed when we first looked at the screen -- it's hard to cut it much closer than that!

but it took quite a while for the passengers to make their way to the baggage area.  as passengers from other flights got there first, i eagerly scanned everyone looking for sip.  but just as i couldn't take the suspense any longer, there she was with a smile on her face bigger than i've ever seen before.  that smile made everything else worthwhile.

i had hoped she would not check baggage but she did, and walked over to the carousel to look for it smiling all the way.  antman and i had a seat and waited; there wasn't much else we could do.

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then i started thinking -- always a dangerous thing.  i really did not want to go out and stand in line at the taxi kiosk to ride in some tiny, dirty taxi back to the nana.  and i also did not want to be troubled with any creative taxi drivers.  sod it all; i'm getting a limo.  asking antman to keep an eye on sip, i ran over and arranged  the ride.

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the paperwork was finished just it time to return and see sip step into the arrival terminal with one of the largest suitcases i have ever seen.  what is she thinking?  i'm only going to be in bangkok a few days...

after a hug for antman and i, and a quick kiss on my cheek (from sip, not antman), i gave the bag to the driver and we all followed him out to the car.  somehow we drew the only limo that seemed to be blocked by other cars.  great!  we sat in our car and watched as guys ran around and pushed parked cars out of the way clearing a path for us.  they must get good gas mileage with all that pushing...

i told sip the nana was not a good hotel, but we had many friends there and should have fun.  sip was excited with the idea there would be other people there.  it was a quiet rest of the ride to the nana with sip squeezing my hand tight the whole way.

entering our room i saw that the fruit basket tip to the maids had worked wonders -- i think i have never seen so many clean towels in the bathroom, or bottles of fresh water in the refrigerator.

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sip and i both said we wanted to get some sleep.  but the truth is we didn't waste much time getting started to make up for the last few months apart.  i noticed she liked to watch herself in the large mirrors hanging in the deluxe bedroom, so i chose locations and positions that would offer her maximum viewing pleasure.  after we were finished, i mentioned to her that she liked to look in the mirror.  she said that i liked to look at her, and that she liked to look at herself too.  no problem on my end!

before we knew it, it was time to get ready for our first evening ant tlr.  sip took forever to get ready, but it was fun to watch her and she looked fantastic for the effort.

a little late, we met antman in the lobby.  he looked surprised to see the incredible transformation sip had made.  sip is a girl of a thousand looks; it's impossible to tire of her.

we sharked gbb to see if anyone we knew were there, and kept going to cross sukhumvit to grab a taxi.  i had to laugh about how quickly the taxi drivers have forgotten about clinton plaza.  we finally had to rely on sip to tell the driver to keep driving, and me to shout out "yut yut" when we got to our destination.  it was all fun, and it worked!

stepping inside, we were greeted by gb64's smiling self.  it was if we had never left.  i handed over the bottle of tequila souza tres generacciones that i threatened to bring along, and warned gb64 that we should get ready to open it soon.

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i passed out a few things i had promised to bring for people, and shook a few hands of some old friends and some new ones.

then the tequila shotz started.  and the apple schnapps shotz.  and more tequila shotz.  and then different brands of premium tequila shotz.  then a shot of some pretty good rum.  and then a friend or two bought some rounds.  and then i couldn't keep notes any more.

i was feeling it.  what's worse is that i hadn't eaten since breakfast and was starting to get myself into a little blood sugar level trouble.  gb64 ordered a pepperoni pizza for me that should take care of my blood sugar problem.

noozy was there and asked how the dance contest pledge collecting was going on, and i had to admit that we only just arrived so all i had collected was the money from antman and myself.  i promised that as soon as i had a bite to eat, i'd make the rounds and see where we were.

i must admit i was a little worried about collecting all the money.  although i knew a few of the guys, i didn't know them all.

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i had forgotten my list of pledges back in the room, so i thought waiting for the pizza was a good time to run to the nana and get it.  i think i told sip and antman, and then i was gone.

i ran up the stairs of the pedestrian crossover and across sukhumvit, but by the time i got to the other side the heat and all the booze i had already consumed convinced me that i should take a taxi the rest of the way.

once in my room, i grabbed the pledge sheet and a couple of clif bars and ran to the elevator.  i was only on the 5th floor and since there was no elevator waiting for me, decided to run down the stairs to the lobby.  that's always faster than waiting.  as i ran down the stairs i shoved the clif bars down my throat; i needed to get some solids in my stomach quick or i really would be in trouble.

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outside, the running time is over.  at a brisk pace i walked down soi see and crossed sukhumvit.  the force was with me because a taxi with a driver that spoke excellent english was waiting for me on the other side.

a moment or two later i was back in tlr and trying to decide who my first victim would be.

i must say that all of the guys that pledged contributions to the dance contest made it as easy as it could be for me to collect the money.  many knew that we were going to be tight in the first place and some additional expenses had popped up that were unforeseen, yet they didn't hesitate to offer more money if it were needed.

what can i add, except to say it was an honor to be associated with such a great group of guys.

before i left home, i had some stickers printed with the apple logo on them.  as i made my rounds collecting pledges and meeting new people, i tried to pass a few out to everyone.  over the next few days i saw apple stickers stuck on many things such as go-go bar hawng nam walls, bargirls, hello girls, a fan at tlr, and even on the back of a passing tuk-tuk. i had a spare moment to get my shoes shined, and the shoe-shine boy even put one on his box!

speaking of the shoe-shine boy; he was the same guy that had shined gooner's and my shoes at sukhumvit square just weeks before it was knocked down in that infamous midnight demolition.  there wasn't a time this trip when i passed the sukhumvit square location that i didn't think how sad it was that it was all gone, and that so many people had been taken advantage of.

it was soon time to turn my attention to the pizza, and it was pretty good!

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it was getting late, and the guys wanted to hit the bars.  the general consensus was that soi cowboy was the place to start out.  fine with me.  a little more talking and it was decided that baccara would be the first bar of the evening.

no one wanted to be the first to leave, so sip and i volunteered.  sip was wearing some nice clothes and high heels, and i knew she wouldn't want to walk.  we stepped into the street, hailed a taxi, and were off to soi cowboy.

as the taxi crossed asoke, i realized i could have a potential problem.  i got along well with the girls at baccara and suzie wong although i never barfined any of them.  but i spent a lot of time with som from tilac last november, and thought i didn't want her to see me with a different girl.  one never knows.  luckily the taxi was dropping us at the far end of soi cowboy so it shouldn't be a problem for now.

baccara was fun, but sip and i were the only ones there for the longest time.  it seems the other guys decided to walk, and then one of them knew a "shortcut" and they got lost.

that first night there were at least 15 guys on the prowl.  that was a little big for one group, so the apple gang split into a few smaller groups with people moving from group to group throughout the evening.

in baccara, bob4you thought it would be a fun idea to go upstairs and buy the best dressed girl a drink.  i thought that was a little weird as all the girls i could see upstairs were au natural, but bob did indeed find a girl wearing some clothes and bought her a drink.

a round or two later we wanted to move on.  some of us congregated in front of baccara and waited for the others to catch up.  bob4you got the idea that he could put apple stickers on provocative areas of the hello girls, and have fun doing so.  soon, a gaggle of girls were all shrieking with laughter and were marked with the sign of the apple.

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lost in the drunken merriment in front of baccara, i was quickly brought back to reality by a shock to my left side.  it took me a moment to realize what it was.  it turned out that in appreciation for giving apple stickers to the girls, one of the girls thought it would be a good idea to get some very cold water and anoint us for songkran.  that put a damper on the moment, no pun intended.

next stop -- shark bar.  mark33011 danced with a few of the girls, but we didn't last more than one round.

bob4you suggested midnight, but some of us didn't stay long enough to buy a drink - midnight offered much, but didn't deliver.  my recollection is that we were seated far from the stage, we hadn't noticed any cute girls, and the bar reeked of mothballs.  i guess that's better than cat p1ss.

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while we were talking about moving on, i asked sip to wait for me so i could look for my friends.  what i really wanted to do was sneak down to tilac and see if som (a girl i met last november) was there.  i didn't really have a plan, i just wanted to stop by.

as soon as i walked through the door i was grabbed by one of som's friends and spun around.  i had to laugh as i figured that meant som had a customer.  no problem.  i talked with som's friend for a few moments, and then asked where she was.  her friend pointed behind me, and there she was.  som was as attractive as ever.  i prolly should have just stayed away from tilac.

som and i spent a moment or two talking and i told her i would only be in bangkok for a few days, but i wanted to say hello.  we talked a little more, and i gave her some money to help her out.  she was very happy to receive it, and gave me a beautiful wai.  maybe it was a little too much money, but i had really enjoyed the time i spent with her.

another quick hug and it was time for me to go.  som's friend stopped me on the way out and asked, "why no take som?"  i told her i was with friends and could not.

it would be fun to spend some time with som; so if sip should leave early, that is exactly what i will do.

i had so much fun there last november, i really wanted to hit suzie wong again.  the place was poppin!  gb64 and chewie were there waiting for the gang to show up.  we had a few rounds and bought a few ladydrinks.  and even sip got into the act by favoring us with a shake or two of her cute little @ss.

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some of the guys wanted to hit doll house next, but i passed.  since i really didn't want to get any closer to tilac, i i passed.  since i really didn't want to get any closer to tilac, i suggested nep.  maybe because we would be back at soi cowboy for the dance contest soon, some of the guys agreed.

we marched down to the far end of soi cowboy and then through the bar beers to get to the asoke intersection.

along they way, sip bought some bugs to snack on.  she fed a few to chewie and i, but antman wouldn't have it.  hell, i think i'm getting used to them now!

on our way through the bar beers, we found hammers, gooner, and burnout - where else but in a katoey bar beer.  not that there's anything wrong with that.  we offered to rescue the boys, but they wanted to finish their drinks -- a likely story...  i figured the farther i was away from soi cowboy the less likely i was to get caught by som.  we hit the road saying we would try to meet up at angels or grace.

we braved the crazy midnight asoke traffic to run across the street and catch a taxi to nana.

first stop at nana was hollywood rocks.  we had a round, but only one.

swede had the honor of picking the next bar, and he chose mandarin.  that bar is home to without a doubt one of the chose mandarin.  that bar is home to without a doubt one of the cutest girls i've ever seen.  i quickly pointed her out to antman, but she was so cute that antman was petrified with fear.  i offered to go and get her for him, but he said in his present condition all he would be able to do is drool and shake.  and i believed him - he was doing that right now!  he thought if he had a day or two to work up his courage, he could talk to her then.  i reminded him we would only be in bangkok a few days, but he just couldn't do it that night.

sip and i admired the cute girl from afar for a while until sip said she was hungry.  sip has just quit smoking (cigarettes, that is) and is eating even more than she did before!  where it's all going i sure don't know, because she is as trim as she every was.

sip and i left the gang, headed off to the nana coffee shop.  there sip ordered all of my favorite foods, and a few things for herself.  in the relative quiet of the booth, we were able to talk a little.  it was nice.

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halfway through our meal, antman and swede showed up.  antman kept us entertained with his food ordering antics, and swede retold some of his stories from previous trips.  it was a pleasant way to enjoy a meal.

when sip and i had our fill, it was time to retire to our room.  even though the party was still going on, we wanted a little time alone.

sip prepared a bath, and called me in to join her.  i was so glad the nana hotel put in all new fixtures in the bathroom (including the tub).

the nana tub seemed awfully small, but blame for the tight fit should also be shared with dunkin doughnuts.

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we spent a relaxing time in the tub with sip making sure i was squeaky clean as we talked about little things.  when we got out she dried me off and ran into the bedroom as i went into the dining area to put some water bottles into the freezer.

by the time i joined sip in the bedroom, she had lit the scented candles i keep on the bed stand and had slipped between the covers -- without the towel.

i think it's going to be another long night.

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