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 A Farang
For All Seasons 

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A Farang
For All Seasons -- Part 6

A Farang For All Seasons -- Part 6

It was windy this morning, so we thought it might be a good idea to get a foot massage instead of going right to the Nanacabana.

We stopped at a couple different places, and finally settled on one.  It was a little early, so they had to round up girls for all of us.  But we had a good time.  The girls were fun, everyone laughed the entire time, and the massage hit the spot.

Afterwards, MikeM33607 wanted to try his hand at parasailing.  The only problem was that the wind was really kicking up.  It was obvious a storm was building off the coast, and there were no other parasails in the sky.  MikeM asked the organizers if it were okay to go out even though the weather was bad, and even though it was something I wanted to do I just didn't get the warm fuzzies I needed when the organizers said it was okay.  I felt like they would have said anything to get our baht.  So what if we get hit by lightening; it'll just give us an opportunity for a better life next time…

As MikeM made arrangements to hit the silk, I sat and watched Sip and Lady play on the beach.  They would go over and talk for a while to people trying to catch sand dabs, and then run off to collect shells.  It was like two little girls on the beach for their first time.

MikeM and Lady climbed into the speedboat, and were off.  Lady was really excited because this was her first time in a boat.  It's hard to believe it was Lady's first time on a boat considering all the klong and river buses in Bangkok, but the look on her face didn't lie.

As soon as MikeM suited up, the sky over Pattaya exploded in a fury of parasailing activity.  It seemed to me they were thinking if a farang thought it was okay to go, it must really be okay without regard to the weather.

Lady weighed so little that a parasailing employee had to stand on the harness beam and ride with her so she didn't get blown away.

Be that as it may, MikeM and Lady didn't become statistics and soon joined us on the beach.  MikeM reported it was a blast, so it's on the list as a 'must do.'

Next stop; Starbucks.  We sent the girls up to the roof to set up a table for us, and MikeM and I waited for the lovely barista to make our drinks.  While we were waiting for our drinks, a couple Thai girls came in and stole our order.  Or so the barista said…  But she soon made our order again, and we joined Sip and Lady up on the roof.

The skies off the coast looked angry, but the storm was just sitting there.  If that's the way it's going to be today, we might as well hang out in the Nanacabana again.

A quick baht bus ride later, we were changed into our loungewear and taking things easy at the Hard Rock Hotel pool.

All of a sudden the wind began to blow and a few good-sized raindrops began to fall.  A quick look to the beach showed us the weather had quit screwing around off the coast and decided to move in.  It looked like a mile-wide waterfall was headed our way.

MikeM and I started grabbing all we could and made our way to the hotel.  Just we made it to the outside lobby bar, the skies opened up.  I hadn't seen it rain like that since the monsoons in Jakarta.

It's a good thing we didn't stay in the Nanacabana because the rain seemed to be coming from all directions, and the cabanas were drenched; inside and out.

We had a couple rounds, and marveled at the rain.  Ten minutes later, it was as if it never rained; the sun was out, and it was hotter than heck.

Pool boys came out of nowhere and began to towel down the cabanas.  A gaggle of Japanese girls came out to pose around the pool, and before we could finish our last round a herd of Japanese tourists hijacked the Nanacabana.  The nerve!

Thank goodness the HRH pool staff are really sharp and as soon as they saw someone was trying to make of with the crazy farangs' meeting spot, chased them away.

We laid out in the Nanacabana for a while longer until it was time to go up to the room to clean the pipes.  Since this was Lady's first visit to the beach, she really wanted to go back out looking for shells, and MikeM indulged her.

After the smoke cleared in the room, it was more immigration talk.  That Sip is a smart girl; tell her one thing and she'll think about it for a while and come back with some pretty interesting questions.

Nang Nual (or 91 as we liked to call it) made such an impression on us that we went back for dinner this night.

On the way, my favorite server girl from Living Dolls stopped me.  I had used the excuse that I had a girlfriend and wasn't a butterfly to insulate me from the BF requests, and the server was happy to see it was true.  She gave me a thumb's up for Sip, and told Sip I was a good man because I wasn't a butterfly and didn't take a lady.  I don't know what Sip thought about my late night out, but this brought a smile to her face.  And that's always nice to see.

The food was superb once again.  We had a great table outside by the rail; above we could see more stars than one could count, and below we could see fish attracted by the lights shining down from the pier.

Sip and Lady took care of serving their men.  When Sip wasn't busy placing food on my plate, she seemed to be eating with both hands.  In fact, at one point she ended up with three forks!  How that happened, I don't know.  But I do know she put them to good use.

A lot of food was ordered as usual, but Sip and Lady tossed any scraps left over to the fish down below.

We had planned to go back to the Hard Rock Hotel disco, but Sip and I were beat and headed to the room instead.

Once inside, Sip prepared another bubble bath in the Japanese tub.  I always travel with a couple scented candles, so I lit those and brought them into the bathroom.  There we relaxed in the candlelight, and Sip shared all her dreams about going to America.

That girl really is amazing.  Just when I think I've heard it all, she reveals a whole new facet.

We may have been both beat; still, we didn't stop until well after midnight.  She really is amazing.



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