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 Strange Guy 
 In Paradise

 The Right Place 
 In The Wrong Town 

 No Party Too Far 

 The Big APPLE

Don't Ask;
Don't Remember

 The CHANG Gang 

A Farang For
All Seasons

They Started
As Strangers

Trip Reports

When I first started visiting the forums, one of my favorite things to do was read the trip reports.  I promised myself that I would post a few trip reports to pay back the people the provided such informative and amusing information.  And this is the result...

Strange Guy In Paradise is the story of my first solo trip to the Land Of Smiles that took place in November 2001.  The plan was to hit Thailand to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday, and be in town for Showtime's bachelor party.  I had not met Showtime before, but I figured a 4-day bachelor party in Bangkok was too good to pass up.  This would also be my first visit to Pattaya.

I was first introduced to Thai girls in Hannover, Germany.  A strange place, I know...  But I travel a lot there for business, and they have quite a few Thai girls working there.  The Right Place In The Wrong Town is a short look into the adventures of Antman and I, and a little background on the scene in Hannover.  Even though I had been visiting Hannover since 1988, this was Antman's first trip and I got a chance to show him around a little.

Antman always listened to my Thailand stories with great interest, and wanted to see for himself if they were true in November of 2002.  No Party Too Far is the chronicle of that trip.

A group of guys (who called themselves the APPLE Gang) started making plans to meet in Bangkok for one wild weekend.  Although Antman and I would have to leave the party early, there was no way we would miss The Big APPLE.

Chewie wrote a nice trip report of the APPLE get together titled Don't Ask; Don't Remember, and has agreed to publish it here.

Members of the APPLE Gang decided to meet up again in November 2003 for the CHANG Gang stagger.  There were some fun times in Bangkok and Pattaya, and even an interesting side trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A few of us decided to visit Bangkok in June 2004 to see what it was like at that time of year.  A Farang For All Seasons is a result of that trip.

In November 2004, we traveled to the kingdom with our largest group of newbies yet.  And most of them we hadn't met before the trip.  Thus, They Started As Strangers.


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